The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here!

Nice, I’ve got a mini pro but modded with a SST40 by Vinh.

Cool, I thought about that too, sst40 seems like a good fit. Or the new sft40 . I had the osram CULPM1 in it before the sbt90, it was really good too. Threw a little further but half or less lumens . But it was still good. Only problem with going to the sbt90 is you can't go back, beacuse I reamed the reflector opening

True, I love my X9L just would rather a side switch. Thinking about send it back to him to throw the SBT90.2 in it. I’ve got a couple other lights I kinda want to send him to emitter swaps on.

I agree, i love the x9L too, its mix of throw, spill, and carry-ability is unparalleled if you ask me - there is nothing else like it. the sbt90 gt mini definitely throws further but (in my experience, with my gt mini) it is not as bright as the x9l. It has to be the driver differences (im running the molicel p26a in the gt mini sbt90). also my gt mini has the OP reflector. I was using it last night because we talked about it lol, and i remembered how nice and smooth the beam transitions are. but of course i lose some throw as the trade off.

Id say send it in to Vinh, because it is really fun to have a small side switch light with the sbt90.2, the gt mini is such a fantastic & aesthetically pleasing hosts IMO. its definitely one of my top "I'd never sell it" lights.

And probably because i'm using the stock driver and its not Super Bright, it doesn't get HOT really fast either. I bet its in the mid 3000's lumen, not 4500 lumen like other sbt90 throwers that have higher amp drivers. but its good because the heat is manageable.

here are 20 of them:

there are about 10 more spread around different rooms in the house and in the car

here are some of the details:

AAA Thrunite Ti3 (3 total)
AAA Maratac (3 total)
AAA Tool (3 total)
Novatac (2 total)
Utorch S1 Mini (3 total)
Jetbeam Rotary (7 total)
Sunwayman Rotary (4 total)


lights I bought multiples and resold, keeping only one for myself (and do not intend to buy more):

Sofirn C01
Nitecore EX11.2
Tool AA
Thrunite T10T
Olight i3e


Lights I only have one of, and would buy another if I could:

Nitecore D10
Olight i3s


Lights I bought, but would not buy again:

HDS Rotary
Eagletac D25A
Mecarmy PT16


my lights with High CRI LEDs:

Ten 219b 4500k 9080 sw45k

one 219b 3000k 9080,

one 219b 3500k 9080,

one 219c 4000k,

one LH351d 5000k,

one LH351d 3500k

one XP-G 3200k

one E21a 2000k

one 5600k yuji

two XP-E2 Red (660nm and 730nm)


Low CRI, pending modding:

four XM-L2 Cool White

two XP-G Cool White

Nice collection j_s. What case are you using there if I may ask, and did it come with the pick and pull foam?

…and no freeloading…

Just what I have handy on the shelf:

thank you
Nice lineup you have also :slight_smile:
Nice decoys too :+1:

It is a Pelican 1075 and yes, comes with the foam
a few more storage case ideas here

my 1075 case is nice and flat, but it has no handle… I would prefer if it did… but cases with handles cost extra… :wink:

Thats a nice light case.

Jon slider, nice collection! Over never given those jet beams much thought, I've never tried a rotary so don't know what it's like.

I looked up some of the lights you said would like to buy and others you bought and would never buy again.

the mecarmy pt16 looks so cool, can I ask what you didn't like about it so much? Was it the, what I assume would be, bad battery life? Or is that not the case?

I have been looking at the Sofirn sf22 that light looks cool. Does anyone know anything about it.

there are pros and cons, mostly based on personal taste and use pattern

good UI, click on, click off, no memory, always starts at low of 5 lumens, shortcuts to max and strobe. No PWM, no flicker.

tailstands, has anti roll flats on head, built in charger, accepts both 18350 and 16340

PT18 and PT16 have interchangeable heads and bodies

Phat, floody, sideswitch, no sublumen, spiky tail

personal preferences (Jetbeam Rotary is my Grail)

Rotary UI
No sideswitch
Single LED
High CRI
Screw on Pocket Clip

:person_facepalming: :smiley:

I think I see your problem……. you only have one head!

Now this is a person who takes light collecting seriously.

I would love to have an HDS Rotary but only if someone gave me one.

This is my current collection
Convoy S3
Convoy L2
Courui D01 (modded with XP-L HI V3-1A)
Foursevens Mini MkII Titanium (with neutral white XM-L2 U3)
Haikelite HT35
JETBeam Jet-III Pro I.B.S. (modded with XR-E Q3-5A)
Klarus Mini One Ti
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0
Maglite MiniMag 2AA green (my very first flashlight)
Maglite 2D black (modded with XHP50.2 J4-5A and 2.8A 'Der Wichtel'-driver, 3 modes, bikelight-mod)
Maglite 2D pewter (modded with XM-L2 T3-7A3 and 2.8A 'Der Wichtel'-driver)
Nitecore EX10 (modded with XR-E Q3-5A, blue trit, clip)
Nitecore NU05
Nitecore NU25
Nitecore VCL10
Reylight Pineapple Mini Titanium (polished with ice-blue trit)
Sunwayman G25C (modded with XM-L2 T6-4C)
Thrunite Archer A1 (modded with XP-L HI U6-5A3)
Thrunite Ti Hi (modded with XP-E2 N4 620nm)

The lights I sold/gave away
Astrolux S41S
Crelant V4A
Fenix E01
Fenix E11
Fenix L1T
Fitorch P20R (modded with XP-L2 V4-3C)
Foursevens Preon ReVO Stainless Steel
Foursevens Quark MiNi 123 warm
JETBeam E10R
Klarus H1A Aluminium
Lumintop EDC05C
Lumintop EDC21
Lumintop Tool Ti (with Nichia 219BT)
Maglite 2C black (modded with XP-E2 4000K at 1.4 A and aspherical lens)
Maglite 2D blue (modded with XR-E R2, aspherical lens and custom stainless steel bezel)
Maglite 3D jade (modded with XP-G R4-5B1)
Maglite 3D silver (hotwire-mod)
Maglite 6D black
Maglite MiniMag 2AA black (with Terralux Q5 dropin)
Nitecore D11
Nitecore D20 (modded with XR-E Q3-5A)
Nitecore EA45S (modded with XP-L HI U6-5A3)
Nitecore EZ 123w
Nitecore EZ CR2w
Nitecore MT10A
Nitecore TINI
Nitecore Tube
Olight i1 EOS Stainless Steel
Olight i3E EOS
Olight S05 Active
Olight S05S Active
Oligth S15
Spark SD52 (modded with XM-L2 3C)
Thrunite TiKey (modded with Cree 5mm WP-tint)
Thrunite Ti5T
Thrunite TN12
Tiablo A10


Sofirn SP36 BLF
Sofirn BLF LT1
Zebralight sc600w mk iv
Zebralight sc600w mk iv plus
Zebralight h600fc mk iv

A small collection but it’s quickly growing.

You know you’re a flashaholic, when you go away from home and you’ve got more flashlights than you can hold in your hands all at once.

This is what accompanied me, and it’s still not everything (I have a copper Astrolux AA, a Nitecore EC4GT, and Sofirn D25L that didn’t make the photo).

Some were brought in my weekender bag, and others are normally stashed in my laptop bag…

The newly-released Mateminco FW1 is the beginning of my collection!

Soooo I have a lot of lights, most ready to grab on my living room shelves, some in other “ready to grab” places, like a Nitecore EA45S and Klarus XT30R, BLF GT70 and some other stuff, like a titanium Pineapple :wink:

Made a short, freehand flyby too

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