The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here! <- pic link.

Flashlights: Two HK90, two X65, MS18, R90TS, X45, Two BLF GT94, MF05, MT90 Plus, K75.


Quarter eagles:

1874 NGC 40, 1869-S NGC 62, 1863-S NGC 60, 1874 NGC 61, 1863-S PCGS 30.

Half eagles:

1869-S NGC 58, 1858-S PCGS 35, 1863-S NGC 45.

Eagle: 1867-S NGC 35.

My lights:

I feel like its been awhile since i posted, and almost my entire lineup has changed since the last time i posted here. these are my edc's, i dont have a picture of my large throwers or holster carry lights at the moment. Of course the rot66 and mf01 mini aren't edc, but i keep these 12 together in the same spot. i have 6 more coming in, so will post another picture in a couple weeks when those arrive. Obviously i like to share the pictures, but its nice for documenting for myself too.

Thanks, I posted a link to a pic recently in this forum: The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here! - #321 by richbuff is external) <- pic link.

That pic is only a few of them, all in one pic is too small. Also, I have attached recent pics on another forum.

Sorry about the external link; it is so much easier for me to attach pic to a forum. My apologies.

You have a very nice collection. Thanks for posting your nice collection!


The world is so confusing and bewildering. Just getting through life one moment at a time. Ok, which flashlight forum am I on right now? I got it narrowed down to one or two of three. Taxes. Death. Anaphylaxis. Stop. Go. Wait. Hurry. Deal with life on earth. Double check that I am really on the light forum that I think I am on.

Thanks! Sorry I posted my comment in the middle of your post. That was wierd and accidental. Awesome thanks for sharing!


WISH copper lumintop tool AAA


photon X CR2032

various others

OK, here is the pretty much completed arsenal as of now. I have (1) more coming in - the Wildtrail WT90 sbt90 thrower. After that, i will probably be halting purchases until something awesome and new comes along that i really "NEED" lol. Or, a used K75 comes along that is $200 or less LOL, that i would buy today if available. Anyway.. about the lights, some notes:

-I just remembered - i have a copper FT03s packed away i forgot to take out for the picture

-All the aux LEDs are set to blue or magenta because i set them to monitor battery life

-The 5 smaller lights that are all the same (bottom left) are Xeno E03's with different emitters (sst40 5000k, xml 5000k, osram NM1 blue, osram NM1 red, sst20 2700k)

-the GT mini has an sbt90.2 in it, i installed

-all of the convoys have different emitters (of course)

-the sc31 pro has a xpl-hi 4000k, i installed

-the astrolux mf02s is the sbt90.2 version

-the K1's are= CULPM1, XHP35 4000k, sbt90.2

-The astrolux C8 has a Green osram PM1, i installed

-Yes, i only have 1 headlamp (sofirn sp40), but i have about 4 more cheapies kicking around the house.

-The most carried / used = KR4 Ti/Cu, KR4 Black/Ti, d4v2 gray w/ amber switch, FireFlies e07x pro (blue body) w/ sst20 5000k, xeno e03 2700k. Almost All get used though

thats it!

Sweet, nice color selection.

That is a nice collection. The only thing that I can add is that you should have kept most of the ones that you sold. :)

Awesome collection. After your Wildtrail WT90 sbt90 thrower arrives, it could be set on center stage with the rest looking at it from the audience. :wink:

thanks Zoulas!

richbuff- thank you! I know.. it pained me to sell them but it was in an effort to buy these. I will probably, stupidly, over the next 6 months buy back half of what I sold in new full (sale) prices. Lesson learned, either way in my situation it'll take time to buy what I want. Like the k75 .. lol. No more selling lights to buy other lights unless I just don't want the lights anymore. Which wasn't really the case..

haha, yes I love that. thanks cncman! Yes and I forgot the copper ft03s, that'll look nice with the WT90 too. I appreciate the nice words man!

Hi nice collection. What are the lights in the first row left with what looks like finger holds thanks

Xeno E03 tiger

Review: Xeno E03 XM-L (Pic heavy, beamshots) |

thanks Boaz! and yes he is correct, they are xeno E03 like he showed in his picture. What looks like fingerhold are clips I ordered from Kaidoman in search of a proper fitting clip, plus they chrome and black clips help me distinguish the ones with colored LEDS and not colored leds.

I bought all 5 from a member who is a dealer of them for a great price. Here's the link, doesn't look like any are left, but the guy who runs this website is a really great person / dealer to work with: I swapped the leds out of 4 of them. But they came stock as a 14500 light with an xml-2 led! So basically I realized bc I had no idea, it's like in today's standards a 14500 light coming stock with a sst40! They are awesomely made, and I used them often. I have red, blue, 2700k, and 5000k leds I have installed, along with Simons Convoy drivers because the only downfall of the original e03 is the UI - which is medium, low, high. Now I have the 12 mode selectable in some of them. Well 2 of them have the convoy driver, I still need to buy more . I started with 2 to make sure swapping the driver would work. It does

wow! Just realized the date of that review lol. I did find out after buying them and researching them some that they were a big deal, 8-10 years ago. And they still are a big deal, because I have had people buy me i5t whatever lights, and the e03 is so much better. Especially with the driver replaced and any LED you want in it. There's room for emitters ranging from osram 3030's up to sst40. I still am planning a 3v xhp50 for the last one I have modded yet. That or an osram cslpm1.

Thanks for the info it is very helpful, Jim

The sbt90.2 collection :)

Head sizes (in order)







next: K75

Is that a GTMini on the far right?

yea it is, picked up the sbt90.2 from simons alix store and put in a couple weeks ago. It's a gt mini pro. So it has the op reflector but also the higher amp (I'm pretty sure 9amp-ish) driver.

it isn't a laser beam, but really nice beam and throws farther than my ft03 xhp50 lol.

I call it the gt90 mini. Lol