The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here!

Well, this one’s grown a little

Edit: This was start of Oct, since added:
FC11, SC01, SP36 2700K, C8+ KR & KP, EC03, MF01S, GT Nano, GT Micro Copper NM1, SC31B

cool, yea i got my fw3a off amazon, it was the second light i bought after the thrunite t10 II, before i discovered neals gadgets and others.

I went back and forth with the mf01 mini between 5000k and 4000k (since i knew from my fw3a the 4000k would most likely ne great) but went with output over cct ultimately…

And again 9 months further
I think I have a problem… :person_facepalming:

An acebeam h40, lumintop hl3a, manker e02 II and an ultrafire mc12 on it´s way

You have to admire the addiction :heart_eyes:

With all that choice, what have turned out to be your most used headlamps?

Acebeam h60 for sure,ylp panda 2 high cri,fenix hm65r,manker e03 II,skilhunt h03c

On my cycling and working helmet I always use a modded Boruit D10(got severall of them).Because they’re cheap I’m not scared to use them hard :smiley:

from left to right, my 90° angle flashlights :

- Manker e02II (not modded yet, pushed by a 10440),

- Sofirn SP40 (18350) with DC-fix ‘mod’,

- Sofirn SP40 (18650) with LED swap : LH351D 4000K,

  • Wurkkos HD20 (not modded, yet)

Nice, what are you going to mod with the hd20 and the e02?

Probably simple LEDs swap for warmer tints :disguised_face:

Updated 01/23/21

Ok. Not Much of a poster, but will use this as a way to inventory my collection.


  1. 4Sevens Mini MA
  2. Mag Light Solitare (Incan)
  3. Manker E02H
  4. Maratac AAA ( Stainless)
  5. Richuong RC-7001
  6. Streamlight Microstream
  7. Tank 007 E05
  8. Techlite Lumen Master 100 AAA X3
  9. TrustFire XP-E F23 (Stainless)
  10. UltraFire SA-R2
  11. Unknown Novelty AAA X3 9 LED (Chicago Cubs)
    12 Unknown Novelty AAA X3 9 LED (Indianapolis Colts)

13. 4Sevens Mini MA
14. Maratac AA (Raw Aluminum) Dead- Alkaline Cell Murder
15. NEBO Big Larry AA X 3
16. Sofirn SF11 AA X 3
17. UniqueFire S10 (Anodized Silver) Dead - Alkaline cell murder
18. Unknown (Grey Green)
19. YLP Falcon FH5 AA X2 (Headlamp)

CR123/ 16340
20. 4Sevens PK Knight
21. 4Sevens Quark Tactical QTL
22. 4Sevens Mini Turbo MKII
23. 4Sevens Quark Mini 123
24. 5-11 ATAC L1
25. Fenix 12 TK CR123 X2
26. Fenix 15R
27. NEBO Protec Elite 180 (Weapon Light)
28. Olight S1 Baton
29. Powertac PK Warrior 1
30. Streamlight PT 2L
31. Small Sun ZY-C1 (Stainless)
32. Small Sun ZY-F01 (Grey Anodized)
33. Streamlight TLR-1s
34. Tank 007 M10 Magnet
35. Thrunite BSS W1 (Green)
36. Truglow CR123 X2 (Weapon Light with Red Laser)
37. UltraFire UF-H1B (Dark Grey Anodized)

38. Thrunite T1 (Desert Tan)

39. Lightstar Infinistar 1600
40. Maratac 18650 RA
41. Olight Warrior Mini Copper
42. Sofirn D25S Headlamp
43. Sofirn SC31 Pro
44. Sofirn SP32A V2
45. Sofirn SP 40 Green (Headlamp) Includes 18350 Short Tube
46. Sofirn Q8 18650 X 4
47. YLP Panda 3R (Headlamp)

48. Fitorch P25 (w 26650 extension)

49. Mag Light 3 D Cell (Incan)
50. Maratac PCL Copper
51. Nitecore Tiki LE
52. Olight O Bulb
53. RoyVon Aurora Red and Blue (Dead- Could Not Stand EDC)
54. Stanley Fat Max Spotlight
55. Streamlight SL 20 (Incan)
56. Streamlight SL 20 XP Plastic Body (Incan and LED, both)
57. Streamlight Stinger (LED conversion)
58. Streamlight Stinger LED
59. Streamlight Strion (incan)
60. Streamlight Stylus 2


Sofirn SC01 SST20 95CRI 4000K


Olight i3E
Olight i3EUV
Black Diamond Ion


Armytek Prime Pro A2 CW
Manker MK41
Olight i5T Cu

C Cell:

Maglite 3C

D Cell:

Maglite 2D


Acebeam TK16 AL SST20 4000K


Manker E14 III NW 4000K


Armytek Wizard Pro Warm
Manker MC13 green
18650 tube for the Manker E14/MC13


Convoy S12 LH351D 3500K (three)
Acebeam EC65 Nichia 90+ CRI
Astrolux EC03 5000K


Petzl e+lite (three)
Hand crank LED light

Just got a new Maglite Mini in the mail today in a color I have never seen before. It’s orange like a Cheeto. Love it. Love seeing these huge flashlight collections too. Lots to aspire to.

New member so this is what I’ve collected before joining BLF. I’m kind of guessing that most lights will be well known so I’ll just give the picture:

Actually not complete, it’s missing a Tool AAA with a nice tinted 219b, my sister needed a small light and she found the one with the big button handiest so she can use it.

In these photos it is a part of my collection; I struggled a bit to put them together because normally, apart from the flashlights that are always charged and ready to use, the others are in metal and insulated boxes (Faraday) and my wife doesn’t want me to mess up, so I owed them photograph a little at a time and then put them back where they were.
You quickly realize that I have a collection …. dated, and that is very much in keeping with the spirit of cheap flashlights of this Forum. In the next few hours/days I will add the list with the names and any changes made.

From left to right:

- Convoy M2

- 26650, 3x XML but can’t remember the name

- Ultrafire C8 XML2 (I have many)

- Fandyfire Warrior (I have two)

  • JKK03 XHP70 (I have two)

- Ultrafire T6-F16 XHP50 3Volt

- Trustfire T2 XML2

- Sofirn C8G

- Sofirn C8F (I have three)

- Surefire 6P

- Sofirn SP31

- Shadow JM-26

  • Featured Ultrafire SS C3 14500

- Solarforce L2T; L2P; L2P, various fittings

- Ultrafire WF-503b SS (I have two but not sure where the other one is)

- Solarforce L2T with P60 3x SST20

- Manker Laborer

- Manker Rambler

- Manker Torch Club, (I have two, the second has XHP50 3Volt)

  • In the foreground the small Trustfire mini-02 SS 16340

- NAGE 6x XML 3x26650

- Ultrafire (Mod.?) XHP50 1 level

- Flashlight SS (brand ? Mod.?) xml2

- Revtronic MT-20 (I have two, the second has XHP50 3Volt)

- Sofirn SD05



  • JKK26 (I have two, the first one with XHP50)

- Favour M-flare (LED Rebel90, 4X “D”)

- Beamtech T6 (xml, 2x18650)

- Ultrafire C1, P60 XHP50

- Soshine (XML2, USB)

- Favour Angle (2x CR123a or 1x16650)

- Nitenumen NE01 (I have 5 between first and second version)

- Ultrafire (uses 26650 and has an XHP35 1 level)

- Small Sun ZY-T08

- Ultrafire (2/3x26650 5x XML)

- Ultrafire (3xXML)

- Longfire LS-X8 (XML)

- Featured: a generic SUB (but it works very well; I have 6, on all replaced the driver with single-level 1050mA)

- Nitecore TIP

  • Ultrafire WF-502D

Why do you keep your torches in Faraday cages?

It is a precaution; my collection of flashlights is part of my “emergency warehouse”, where I have a little bit of everything, from food to batteries, from toilet paper to communication tools (Walkie Talkie, flares, etc.).
Each of these instruments is protected in relation to the dangers that can alter its functions.
Flashlights usually have a metal casing, which however is connected to the negative pole and therefore to the electronics and this makes them sensitive to any strong solar storms (Carrington); it is only for this reason that they are inside metal casings, isolated from the walls (in the Faraday cage the electricity is outside, but also inside the metal walls).

Hi wow some of those lights are Beautiful. Can you tell me what are the last 2non the right of the bottom picture, thanks

Considering I have probably over 200 lights, no way I would list them all. I especially have many Astrolux, Sofirn, Olight, Thrunite, Lumintop, Convoy, and Nitecore. It is easier to name brands I do not have any of…Acebeam, Ultrafire, Wurkkos, and Jetbeam to name a few. My main collection actually began with Voidhawk, which were all focus type lights. Most of my lights range from 30 bucks to 300 bucks. My collection is insane, with most stored in large plastic storage containers. My collection of lights are rivaled by my collection of knives, and vape gear. I am unsure which is larger, but in all cases I tend to have way more than 1 of each. I have six Lumintop Tool AA v2 for example and 5 of the Astrolux FT03 SST40-W. My very expensive 200+ dollar lights I have only 1 of. My most used light is the Lumintop tool AA v2. Other favorites are the Astrolux FT03 SST40-W…a great value thrower, and the Lumintop GT micro which has been modified with the Osram led for a rated 809 meter throw. Do not know if it is over stated, but the throw is amazing from such a small light. The even more tiny Nano is good for maybe 10 minutes, but that tiny battery goes quickly. I have 1 of the modified GT micro in aluminum, and 2 in brass…well counting the one purchased but not yet delivered. I really have not counted them all, but I have over 200 for sure. I am not including the cheap throw away lights.

Rabbit Fever


It’s funny how collecting lights has become almost like collecting coins.