"The Big Sipik 68 Raffle " Win a Free Flashlight

That's right ... Win a Free Light ... no purchase necessary.

All you have to do is post here or on the Thank-you Mr. Administrator thread .


APRIL 17th .......

SUNDAY NIGHT 9~10 PM.est . http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc


Sunday evening we pick a winner .. It could be YOU.. ...So come join the fun.

.... Pics coming soon ...

Jekostas review here >> https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/1001

Sipik SK68

pic stolen from jekostas

yay yay good luck to everyone

A big hooray for Boaz! Thanks, and have fun everyone.

Thanks again Mr.Admin!!

I would like to thank everyone on this forum and Mr administrator

I feel like old people playing bingo... Waiting for my number!

I'm giddy like a schoolgirl ...I hope I win ...!!

Hey wait ...is that possible ?? can I win ?? I can't wait .

Hi Boaz!

Please exclude me from the raffle as I already have this light.

Good luck everyone (including Boaz :bigsmile: )!

I don't have this light. Got a couple of them similar, so I would like to try it, so I'm in!

If I win, I'll try it, and then raffle it again!

Good luck everyone :)

I'm already entered in the other thread, just wanted to say thanks again Mr. Admin.

_THE_ Flood to throw to have!!!

Good luck to everyone, this is one legendary torch for the budget category!!

I'm going to buy one but i think i will wait till monday and obviously i'll keep my fingers crossed! Thanks for this opportunity!

Thanks for the contest, and a Great site. I'm going to start doing more than lurking.

I Just Would Like To ...... Give a big THANK YOU to all those participating in this site and especially to sb56637 Mr. Administrator.

…Welcome to BLF… Glad to have you here …

lurkers scare me :p .

So at least you already know ... any post by you will be better than anything fishinfool has ever said ..

blabelle.. future moderator.>. speaks softly ..& carries a big stick.



When exactly is the draw going to take place? What time zone? SO EXCITED!!! XD

Okay, count me in!

That's funny.

Thanks Admin! As soon as I found this forum I knew I was in the right place.