The Black E2L,18350/18500 tubes are avalaible

Now we have produce another 2 kind of color E2L flashlights: Black,and Dark gray.And the light gray will be also reserved.

And the 18350 and 18500 battery tubes are also ok. we want make things simple,so the 18350s tube are all black,and 18500’s are all dark gray.

Yet the light gray E2L still have not color-accordant tubes for 18350 and 18500 batteries. We are in production of light gray E2L, and I also want make things simple, which size tube is more necessary for light gray E2L? 18350 or 18500? We only can choose one. :slight_smile:

The 18350 and 18500 E2L are no logoes, there is no space for a logo.

And we also find a 18350/18500 battery provider, Hibatt.It is not expensive.

Welcome visit our AE store,


Is it possible to buy the hosts only?

Clap Clap!

Great job Jaxman!

I vote for a 18500 tube for the light grey E2L.

And of course I wait for a black E2L host becoming available :slight_smile:

Jaxman has specified on the 18350/18500 tubes page that they won’t sell tubes alone…
They want you to buy their E2L at the same time or refuse to sell you the tubes…
Bad move JAxman, that’s not how it works…

1 vote for 18350 for original light gray E2L

Me too

It is here… tubes

I’ll quote the interesting part :
“Pls note we sell the parts only to the buyer who buy the standard E2L flashlights, if you buy it alone, it is not any good to you. We wont arrange shipment to the buyer who buy it only.Thanks for your pardon.”

EDIT : I was rude, my bad…

Yeah yeah, my bad… Bad way to do the business!

Sorry for being rude, I edited my post.
Please accept my excuses :beer:

No problem… I was in a hurry and did not read the whole thing.

I vote for 18500.

When would be the short tubes in light gray available?

Do you put the spare parts in other shops like Fasttech?