The BLF Deal Alert DISCUSSION Thread

OK, how about a discussion thread about the deals posted in the original deal alert thread: [NO COMMENTS OR DISCUSSIONS HERE!] The BLF Deal Alert Thread
Please post also a link to the specific deal.

I scored a couple of Zanflare F2S in neutral white and a couple of Zanflare F3 lights for about $6.50 each. Nice! :sunglasses:


So far I’ve seen the Zanflare F3 twice being normal price only, and other times part of the 50% deal. Perhaps if you see normal price only wait a minute and reload the page and it might show the F3 as a 50% off product.

I think each deal should get their own discussion thread.

It'll be very confusing if all discussions go into one thread.

Here's the deal you posted:

Zanflare F2S neutral white $6.31
Zanflare F3 $6.50
Jetbeam JET-u AAA $7.61

There is a “50% OFF over $20.00” coupon at Gearbest, so you need to put at least two pieces of the lights above in your cart to activate the code: the prices on the Gearbest site are double of the prices above, but 50% is reduced after reaching a total of $20. The code is shown at the Gearbest site by clicking on it during checkout.

Zanflare F2S neutral white
Zanflare F3
Jetbeam JET-u AAA

By the way, I ordered two Zanflare F3's.

Looks like an excellent deal!

You could make a separate thread of course. It’s going to be confusing if there are too many deals posted at once, but that doesn’t seem to be the case recently. Anyhow, we’ll see how this goes.

Hm, I’ve been looking at the Z2 so I thought “why not”…
Stuck two in my cart for a total of $25.xx, no discount.

Is there a code or something to activate the 50% off?

50%offGB20 is code that worked for me on 2 Zanflare F3’s
Must be entered after getting to final checkout page

Only the F2S in neutral white.


When you go the page of the light, you have to click the “50% OFF over $20.00” shown below the price first. And this can be activated during checkout.

Hey hIKARInoob

U should screen shot the section for code so people understand.

I got my order just then :slight_smile: thanks

It seems if you click the (non affiliate) link above (raccoon’s post #2) you will go to the lights with the discount. If you got to Gearbest page and search for Zanflare F3, you will be directed to the same product but different link resulting in normal price only. So please use the link. I think this will work.

Ordered two Z2’s, $14.39, thanks!

Zanflare F2s deal is sold out

I got my two Zanflare F3's today.

They're exactly what I was looking for.

I should have bought four instead of two.

The price of the Zanflare F3 has dropped to $9.99

You can only order two, and if you order at least $20 worth of items on sale, you get 50% off.

The items on sale are on this page:

I added this item to get the total to at least $20:

Total cost for two Zanflare F3's and an unneeded iPhone cable: $11.21!

EDIT: Oh, yeah, the coupon code is "50%offGB20" without the quotes, and not all items work, and some items require a shipping fee.

I wonder… what, precisely, is a “Sheep Shape Plush Toy, Musical Shivering Head Baby”.

Anyone want a Hillary rubber-mask that actually looks more like Cesar Romero? <10bux and it’s yours.

Yep, it's annoying to have to go through useless junk to get a deal on a flashlight, but that's how Gearbest has it set up.

Wellp, if anyone thought I was kidding…


does anyone know if you can get phones at 50% off? I tried a xiaomi redmi note 5 and it did not work.

50% off over $20 is only applicable to certain items. Here’s the list:

thanks for the follow up though.

jumping on the bandwagon, ordered 2 F3s. See if they’re better than the Lumintop Tool.