The Daily Riddle Thread

I enjoyed the Daily Joke Thread tremendously (still do), But I know a lot more riddles than jokes. So yeah. Here we go: (and Google is off limits!) :stuck_out_tongue:
A man is selling oranges on a street corner. His first customer buys half his supply plus half an orange. The next person buys half his remaining supply plus half an orange. The next one also buys half the remaining supply plus half an orange. Finally a fourth person buys half the remaining supply plus half an orange. At this point, the vendor has no oranges left. How many did he start with?

Should I start a separate thread for the answers or what? I don’t want to give them away here, because that would spoil the fun for those who might come late to the game!

You know what, just post guesses/answers here and I guess people can exercise a little willpower (or not :stuck_out_tongue: ) and not scroll down unless y’all need to.


Nope. 8)

What do I win?

My initial thought was 0 because there is always half of something… but they are buying an extra half each time so that doesn’t calculate.

Is a ‘half’ the smallest fraction? If so my guess is 11 or 12.

Ah, easy if you write out the equation: 15


The only way you end up with zero…

So then work back from there.

Since I’m still scratching my head over toasters,I’ll come here and say 9.5.

JaredM and peteybaby nailed it! 15 is correct.



Billy, you put BREAD in a toaster.

It’s not TOAST until it comes out…

Divide 30 by half and add ten. What is the answer?

Okay, here’s another one:
The one who makes it doesn’t want it, the one who buys it doesn’t use it, and the one who uses it doesn’t know it. What is it?


EDIT : I remember that thread .

Most people don’t know whey protein is a bi-product of cheese.

A coffin? I think I’ve heard that before.


Here’s another classic:

What walks with 4 legs, then 2, and then 3?

That’s the sphinx’s riddle, right? I’ve heard it before so I won’t give it away. :wink: