The glow and dark bling thread

My most recent glows:

Nice big trit in an S2+.

And a whole ton of GITD material on an prototype high power slingshot.

Not sure how it should work but that slingshot looks wicked :sunglasses:

Great work and pictures. The luminescent, glow in the dark, tritium stuff is just as interesting as the flashlights.

Can anyone recommend some real intense/quality GITD powder? I know they sell a lot of this stuff on Amazon and eBay but mostly it’s quite poor quality and the illumination is rather low even when exposed to hours of intense UV light.

Is this GITD powder based on SrAl (Strontium-Aluminate) or is there anything better for sale?

Yeah not exactly your traditional slingshot but you hold the pistol gripy part in the middle, the rubber goes on the forky part at the end and the roundy part at the other end rests on your arm. This one was made to break velocity and energy records so it’s big and strong made to support 100lbs+ (45kg) of draw weight, although we tested to forks to 300kgs with no damage (maxed the scale and there started to be scary amounts of energy stored in the system so we stopped there).

Wish I could suggest an exact source but I use mostly doped printer filament. I can suggest though that you want to stick with the SrAl stuff but be careful with some listings because SrAl isn’t available in all the colors that the Zinc sulfide stuff is so I’ve seen listings that have a wide range of colors and list SrAl as the material but only some are SrAl and the others are ZnS. And the green stuff is quite a bit brighter than all the other colors, which again isn’t always obvious from listings since they sometimes brightness balance them to make all the colors appear a similar brightness.

Kosmic Kreations - Glow in the dark powder, Strontium aluminate glow powder

Vinyl - Purchase - Glow-On

Ohhh…. I love glowy things! Especially those beautiful trits you’re showing off.

Here’s a sampling of the tailcaps I’ve done (perhaps 25+ of them?).

And I assembled two of these over the weekend (Sofirn SF36 and ThorFire VG-10S).

This is actually what I look for. But I‘m afraid shipping to the EU will be extremely expensive. Moreover, I don’t know if customs would clear this material at all. At least SrAl does not seem to be radioactive like those tritium vials.

Don’t have much to show, but I like this thread. So let’s contribute.

Anyone know who stocks all sizes of GID O-rings? I can only find large ones and I’d like to find some small to medium sizes. Thanks.
Might find something here you could use.

That’s the spirit Geuzzz :+1:

I have another to add (if you haven’t seen my titanium build)…

Convoy - when I bought a selection of o-rings a couple of years ago, the green ones turned out to be GITD:

Kaidomain - the green ones are often GITD or “green fluorescent”, but not all of them say that in the gallery titles or the images, so you have to click through to the detailed product descriptions, and it’s a bit of a lottery, because there are a few “green fluorescent” o-rings out there that aren’t GITD (goodness only knows why):

Just industrial glow tape.

… must…. resist… the…. glow……

Never resist the urge for glowy stuff!