The glow and dark bling thread

I wanted to add some pics to such a thread but I don’t recall if there is one on blf…?

Anyway, I have few lighted tails nowadays…

I’ve got some other dark blingy stuff…

A UV light of mine…

So if there’s no other thread feel free to add your own low luminescent lights, glow, trit, uv, whatever…. :sunglasses:

Couple of old pics.


Several years ago I tried to paint some lights with glow powder. I wasn’t (still not) experienced with air-brush and it was difficult to spray the powder evenly since it would settle in the paint. These are the lights shown in my avatar.

I like the blue one.

Lol, CRX, you were one of the persons to spring to mind when I wondered if anyone would respond, cheers :beer:

It was a cheap 3 AAA zoomie

Becoming predictable huh :laughing:
I keep meaning to take some decent shots of trits & other glow stuff.

Beautiful lights guys! This is a great thread idea - I love glowing lights! PinkPanda, I’ve never seen that Sunwayman bezel before, with the horizontal tubes. I thought my V10r Ti was pretty well pimped but yours outdoes it! :slight_smile:

I really need to take some group photos of some of this and I’ve got lots of others that aren’t included here, but I took a quick browse through my imgur account and grabbed a few random ones to share, in no particular order. I’ll follow up with more at a later date.

Love that Sinner.

+1, that one really stands out.

I Love what you guys do, nice addition. How do you drive them ? I would like to do that to some lights also. :beer:

The tail caps are led lighted. D.I.Y. Illuminated tailcap
The little thin glowing tubes are trit vials.
They offer several different sizes with the most common used size is probably 1.5 mm x 6 mm.
The tubes can be glued in using UV active glue that’s transparent.
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You can also make some 7 year glowing night sights for alot less than store bought sights.

Nice glowy things sofar. Here is part of my lighted switches (did I mention that I like lighted switches?)

A peek in the spare leds box with a 365nm light.

Moderator007 gave you some good links and info, I’ll add one more: That’s my first stop for tritium tubes and its always where I order from, if he’s got the sizes I need for whatever job I’m working on. He also has what I think is the best adhesive - Norland61. The stuff isn’t cheap, but once you cure it, its literally glass-clear - it disappears. Its great stuff.

Nice collection emarkd!

I tried to mimic djozz with the uv on spare leds but the result is far different. I’m guessing it’s because my uv is up around 400nm??

Also my sunwayman used to look like this

Thank You for the links :beer: Those lights are Beautifully Colored. You guys are Artists :beer:

I indeed used a 365nm flashlight, with a ZWB2 filter to minimise visible light from the led, and a scrap of Lee 226 UV filter before the phone lens to minimise UV-sensitivity of the camera.

Aah, so it was a combination of lower nm and filters. Thanks :beer: