The most ugly led mod - project ever

It takes some guts to record something like this.

My eyes hurt.

I now need brain bleach to get that horror out of my mind.

I kind of like it. :)

Cannot be unseen .

I liked the part when it was over best

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

You guys just don't like science. Or is it Tuesdays you hate so much?

"superbright" led!

And at 3:30 "... you know, it's nothing to write home about..." <<<--- understatement of the year

The hot glue gun technique makes any project look awful. The project could have had some potential, but the actual implementation turned it ino trash.

I did a similar project once, and got much better results; I had a VERY cheap fiber-optic lamp. This unit was a Dollar-Tree type that ran on 2x AA cells, and the light source was a pair of normal Christmas-light type mini incandescent bulbs. I removed the bulbs and replaced them with a single 5mm color-changing RGB LED. I rewired the power source to be a standard USB plug, and when complete, it looked good and worked great.

The guy is a master craftsman in prototyping ugly contraptions. My prototypes aint pretty at all (lots of duct tape involved) but compared to him i'm almost near production level. Uglyness reaches new heights!

I find it fun that he meant it to be used looking like that. :S

Silly man and silly project. Worth to mention the absolute lack of any insulation of exposed wires.

That alone is worthy of:

Im not even an amateur at this.