The New Astrolux® FT03 MINI XHP50.2 4200LM

Coming out later this month from BG. Can anyone explain to me how this small a torch could put out
4200LM ?? It’s about 5.7” length and 1.7” head using the 18650. Sure looks cool though and that’d be a lot of flood for the size.
It’s so new it’s hard to find a photo of it, except on BG’s site. I’ll keep looking.
Or it looks just like the full sized FT03 except an inch shorter in length and head dia.,with-Updated-AUX-LED-p-1686516.html

Yep, Raccoon’s got it. Also below…

![Group Buy] ASTROLUX FT03 mini XHP50.2 (4200lm) / SST40 Anduril AUX 18650 Flashlight | Candle Power Flashlight Forum!

I'm no expert on emitters, but doesn't a single XHP50.2 pump out a ton of lumens?

I guess that’s it Racoon. Didn’t know they’d advanced that much.

I like both the green and the blue.

I say this all the time: if it had a tail switch, and a warm tint, I'd probably be interested.

Well I’d just ordered the full size one, then saw this mini. Maybe I’ll like the full size FT03 anyway.
Will try and give a review on it, when it arrives from China.
Then today I find THIS one. The ‘soda pop can’ version. 15000 Lumens!!? I did not need to see this. (the reviewer says it actually comes out to be almost 12000 lumens actually…which to me is still amazing)
15,000 Lumen Astorlux MF01s, With Luminus SST20 x 18 | Candle Power Flashlight Forum (sorry, I can’t get the BG link to show, I don’t mean to post CPF stuff)
They even have it in a lighter green for MoreLumens.
Yeah, Racoon, I keep going back and forth liking the tail clicky vs side.

Who cares about crapy xhp50.2?

It will be replaced with proper 3535 emitter anyway. My case anyway...

Its got the 3v version of the Cree xhp50.2 and a good high drain cell can pull 17 to 18 amps on it. I cant remember for sure, but I think 3800 or so lumen is possible. Expect it to heat up quick.

They also have the SST-40 version with a 2mm x 2mm die like the XPL. It’s got a nicer color than the 50.2.

Have sst40 and 3v xhp50.2

At least i had them...for a test and puke. Even sliced, still puking.

In these times when hi cri can hit serious lumens, choosing oposite i feel bad for those folks. I have a feeling they have some sort of colorblindness or chromacity impaired vision or something.

That aren’t that bad, some people like to exaggerate. If you are a cri snob you probably think the 50.2 and 70.2 are ugly, but they can be very bright. Depending on bin, the hotspots can look good, but they will always have an ugly yellow corona. I kinda got used to it and accept it, since I’m trading color for lumens. There are no high cri choices that come close to their lumen levels. This is why the 50.2 and 70.2 are used so much.

In a 6 volt light, the older 50 and 70 aren’t quite as bright, but looked a lot nicer. I could swap those leds in my FET lights, but you loose lumens. I prefer the lumens.

In a 3v light, you can use an xpl, not xpl2, but it’s not as bright as the SST-40. Only the 50.2 is offered in 3 volt, not the 50 or 70 so your choices are limited.

I’m not up to date on current high cri, high output choices. Maybe there is something new? If anyone knows, please post it. Thanks.

already have 2 ft03 … a mini seems not mini enough to warrant a purchase really…

One new feature is multi color auxiliary leds around the centering ring.

Well I bought both…the full size 03 and the MF01s, both in BLUE.

They make high cri versions of the 70.2 up to 90 cri I think. Sold on Kaidomain.

The high CRI versions of the 70.2 and 50.2 still have the ugly corona although the yellow corona of the high CRI version is more bearable than the green of the low CRI version. The 3V 50.2 has no high CRI version. And a tip from the snobs: there are very few high CRI Cree leds that have a tint on or below the BBL, usually they are well above it.

Full size FT03 is always tons of fun. Love mine.

Question to the holders. Does it flash with smooth lightening?