The new product RD6030(W) 60V 30A big current power supply is coming!

Exciting news! The new product RD6030(W) 60V 30A big current power supply is coming. As what we do all the time, we will set the lowest price when new product is released. You can grab the RD6030 for $84.99 USD (normally $113) or the RD6030-W for $88.99 USD (usually $118) since it is just released.

RD6030 link: 96.39€ 40% OFF|Rd rd6030 60v 30a DC einstellbare Abwärts spannung Bank geregelte Strom versorgung Buck Converter Batterie ladung & 1500W Netzteil| | - AliExpress

Discount Time: 2024.5.8-2024.5.12 PST

For the first 100 orders of RD6030(W), you’ll receive a bonus $16 USD 36A test cable. However, this offer is limited(100 PCS), so act fast! Note that the 36A test cable isn’t included if you only order the 1500W PSU.

X36A link: 18.15€ 20% OFF|Rd x36a 36a O Typ runder Stecker an Krokodil klemme Test kabel und Mikro kommunikation kabel für rd6024 rd6030 Ausgang| | - AliExpress

If you need them, we also offer the S800 case and a 1500W 68V PSU. Keep in mind that while the 1500W PSU enables the RD6030 to output 60V or 30A separately, it doesn’t reach its full 1800W output. Under 220V AC input, this 1500W PSU can let RD6030 output 1440W max, under 110V AC input, it can let RD6030 output 1140W max.

Key features of the RD6030 include:

·Support for 60V 30A output (1800W max)

·Low ripple: 50mV@15A, 90mV@30A VPP

·High efficiency: >95% at full output

·Support multiple display styles and custom color

·Support PC software control with USB cable connection

·Support Phone APP control via WiFi(needs to order the RD6030-W version)

RD official store:

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Oof, this is tempting. @koef3 maybe for you too, since it can deliver 30A at low ripple, opposed to the 24 which has higher ripple.

I’ll buy one of these next sale, no money for that right now :sweat_smile:

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@RD_tech Could I use my existing PSU of my RD6024 so I can simply swap the RD6024 unit with the RD6030 to get full power (30 Amps)? It seems to have same size as RD6024.

6024 comes with a 1200W PSU, so you won’t get the full 60V 30A out of it (30A up to ~40V, less A after).

If I remember correctly, you can set the input power limit on Riden PSUs, so it will limit itself to max PSU power.

Getting the full 30A at typical LED forward voltages should not be any issue.

This was also my thought about this. 40 V at full 30 Amps would be perfectly fine for me.

I will order the 6030 I think, but in the next months (no money :smiley: )

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For me too, tbh. I usually only need either high voltage, or high amps. Never both at the same time.

Has some attention been paid to make the unit silent when the fan is not on ? My 6024 whines at all times and it’s very annoying.

My 6024 whines only at over 8 A (seems hard-coded, above this current it’s not temperature-controlled it seems).

Btw, really cool would be a RD3060 (60 Amps at max 30 volts) :smiley:

I’m not talking about the fan but but probably either coil or MLCC whine from a DC-DC converter powering the system, it whines as soon power is connected, regardless if output is on or not.

Ok, coil whine is not present on my unit, at least not with my usual operating conditions.

it is ok, friend . you can wait for next time

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yes, friend . it was same size , don’t worry. 1500 w can let RD6030 output 30A, but not same 60v too

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Hm sounds like a really good deal. Wish I knew about this store before I got my current PSU

Am I missing something? What’s the catch lol

Hm sounds like a really good deal. Wish I knew about this store before I got my current PSU

Am I missing something? What’s the catch lol---- if you like this RD6030. you can make order . for now that price is lowest

Is the Windows software also compatible with RD6024?

Don’t forget that you need the power supply and the dc-dc module, so the 30A one is ~200€ for EU people rn, I can’t see prices for others. And then you don’t have a case yet, those cost extra too unless you make one yourself. Still a steal for the capabilities and quality of the RD tech stuff.

I have a RD6006P which I paid 160ish for (power supply + case + dc-dc module). Super satisfied.

was already thinking to get one of these small pre-built RK6006 things for everyday quick&dirty testing stuff. I don’t really need it (already bought a powerful 60 Amps supply for testing more beefy emitters which I can also use for this) but it is still cool :smiley:

Ah, thank you. I knew I had to be missing something. Still looks really good tho

for all the RD series power supplies, they use the same PC software, you can download it in any RD power supply page

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