The old assistant's final appearance

Yet to get any video of the New Assistant - who has taken herself off to her cage for the night.

So the last second of this IMO great song has the old assistant louping along after the singer and his son. 3 weeks after this was filmed she died.

A very sentimental song that belongs to Fizz.

Very nice, and fitting. You have some talented friends.

Don't I just!

The viola player's day job (other than being eye candy which she is) is as a neurologist. The singer and rhythm guitar players are senior teachers, the drummer works for the cops and the bass player does strange things with corporate travel. The singer's wife (and producer and director of this vid) teaches TV and film production - this was shot by her students. She will never forget the first time I met her.

And they are impressed with what I do. They must be crazy!