The "other" Ultrafire 980L

Only $230!

I'll go ahead and admit an illogical desire to own an SST 90 light. I don't care if it's not much brighter than a well driven XM-L and sucks all hell out of a battery - there's something about that big, fat emitter that keeps calling me. Solarforce has a P60 SST-50. It's stupid I know but I still want it.


I don't have any desire for a SST light. The current draw is just too high to make for practial flashlights, in my opinion. Plus I have a 2x18650 light and really it is too big and too bright for everyday use already.


All the details on QCG are wrong, it's an RL-3328 not 980L and it's rated at 1800 lumens.

Unlike an SST-50 P60, this should outshine and outthrow the XM-L based 980L.

Man, this thing is BIG :O Must throw very well :p

Manafont price: 200USD

It's exact name is UF-RL-3328

I think this is the same light we are talking about?

SST-90 is realy fun, I own a Olight SR-91, can tell you thats a lot of brightness comming out of the front

Almost the same power as my other powerlight, a Titanium Innovation L35 HID (orange version)

But LED is very more clean beam, compared by raw HID power.

Fun to play with, and people think there is a UFO in the air tonight