The perfect 26650 flashlight as a gift

Ok, I wan to use this host I like the fact that it has that cigar thingie at the end for extra support, cus it’s a big motha.

But I have never used any flashlight with multiple Lithium batteries because of the exploding dangers, and I want to assemble this flashlight for my dad, so here's what I think I want.

To be safe, I would want it to use rechargeable C size nimh batteries.

For better run times and less heat, I don't care if the x-ml is driven to 3 amps, infact I would like it to be driven somewhere between 1.2 and 1.5 amps ( my dad will still be impressed). Also, after 1.5 amps the x-ml becomes less efficient.

I understand that the disadvantage to lithiums is that nimh rechargeables only reach 1.2 volts instead of 4.2, but I'd like to know if there are other disadvantages to using nimh batteries instead. Using 2 nimhs will give me 2.4 volts, I believe my only concern will be finding the right driver, so I'd appreciate some info on this. Also, he can just purchase regular c size batteries just about anywhere.

Please guys, let me know what you think about my approach and my concerns. This is something he may just leave in his truck for weeks or months, so maybe I'm not thinking of the right batteries, which is my primary concern at this point.

If you want to drive the xm-l at lower currents I think a 26650 will generate less heat than a 18650.
If you don't like the multiple lithiums, you also have the option to go single 26650.
C size normal batteries will have a low runtime.

There are similar setups , xm-l on 2x NiMHs

Thanks for that link, it's kinda what I want.

I just need to find the right driver for this now.

Considering it's for my dad, I'm worried about him having lithiums at all. I can imagine him charging them backwards. I just got some 105c drivers but I doubt they'll work at 2.4 volts, so I gotta research the right driver.

You need a boost driver, which the 105c isn't.


There's a little bit of info here!-XML-2D-mag

He's saying he measured the current after 20 minutes, not that it only ran 20 minutes.


I rushed through that thread. I have deleted the incorrect information.