The perfect work led light

I work as a tech with PLCs that control industrial motors/dampers/light/hvac and so on. Often I work in rooms without good lighting or even before the electrician is done with the lights. I need to look inside motor covers and inside rotating equipment/gears/switches and so on so it’s rare that I need the light for longer periods. For now I’ve been using my Emisar D4 and I really love it for the small size yet incredible power if needed. The only problem is the other day I somehow forgot to turn the cap like I always do and recheck every time and it did burn a hole in my pocket… I knew about it and was very cautious over the last year I’ve been using it but still it did happen. Luckily it was only my pocket but I need to avoid this in the future so now I’m after a new work-edc. I’ve tried using the Convoy S2 for a while but it’s not what I’m after.

Not sure if something like this exists but this is what I’m after. Any brand/type suggestion?
-builtin usb-c (quickcharger if possible)
–18650 preferred but 26650 works to.
-magnet in the cap or some easy solution to make it stand or work as a flood lamp if I want to light up the whole room.
-not a torch that sets stuff on fire but still powerful.

This doesn't exactly fit your specs. It has micro USB not C. No magnet to flood. And it is a headlamp so it might not work if you have to wear a hard hat. But it is cheap and is good for hands free work.

Edit link duh

Boruit headlamp

I’m not aware of a single light out there with any form of actual iQ quick charge. There’s probably some that charge at 2A but let’s face it, Chinese mfg’s arnt gonna license quick charge hw/sw.

I often have to wear a hard hat so headlamp (if it’s not possible to take it out of the strap) isn’t going to work always. I glued on a EX-safe headlamp onto my helmet but it’s running AAA batteries so most of the time it’s out of power lol :stuck_out_tongue: I work less in EX areas now so I can get away with 18650 batteries now but I’d like something I can use both with or without hardhat.

I can live with regular charge port but it would be great to have it USB-C as my phone, laptop and tablet charger is usbc so I don’t have to bring multiple chargers. Quickcharge is just addictive when I’m used to it from the phone with 40W charger.

How about something like Rofis MR70 CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED 3500 Lumens .

This link will provide some options for your perusal.

Give the Rofis R3 a look:

Floody headlamp

How about setting the ramping limit on the top end of the D4 to just shy of “Nut Roasting” and see how that works for you?
Also the newer D4V2 has better thermal management than the original as I understand it which could also help avoid another bad experience.
There is also a Magnetic Tail Cap option and interchangeable optics in the new version that seem like they might be for you?

I know that I am in the same boat as you for work pretty often and have been carrying a D4 for a while but I do try to lock it out mechanically every time too and so far I have only tried to burn my junk down once somehow?!

The D4 is just such a terrific light I would not forsake mine for one with a little charging convenience and I carry spare 18650’s so that I do not have to wait either.

Nicron B74 is a lot like that Rofis, but claims only 450 lumens. The price however is much lower, $19.

Or…Lumintop EDC05C

Armytek elf c2 but its micro usb

Skillhunt h03RC, it has magnetic usb charging

I ordered an Imalent DM70 for use at work.
I want it due to having more of a wide hot spot, and the use of a 21700 battery plus a magnetic tailcap.
Hopefully I will get it this week to try out.

This actually looks pretty cool.

This is the perfect excuse for a D4V2 :sunglasses: I’ll get one and see how I can tune the termal down a bit.

Edit: I did the 10clicks + hold until it ramps up and then let go quickly. If I do 10clicks and hold until it blinks out current limit it’s blinking out 3 pause 1 blinks. When I go to turbo mode it gets burning hot still and I can do battcheck + 2cliks and read out 5 pause 1 blinks that’s way past my limit. Is it that much better on the V2? This is not gonna stop any fires lol

The V2 lets you both set the thermal temp limit (which will keep the body of the light cool) and you can set the floor and ceiling of the ramp. So you could set a double-click from off to be basically any output level you want then the full turbo is still available, hidden behind another double-click while the light is already on.

You can set the floor and ceiling in stepped and smooth ramping modes independently as well, so one for pocket carry, the other with the full ramp range, etc. Switching from stepped to smooth and back is a triple-click, and you can change how many total steps are in the stepped ramping mode too.