The smallests AA flashlights please...

Hi folks

I need one 1xAA flashlight which has to have these specs:

- Has to be the smallest possible in lenght and width

- Has to run with only 1xAA (14500 not needed)

- Has to have the maximun amount of REAL lumens possible (more than 100 REAL lumens)

- Has to have 2,3 or 5 modes (single mode not usefull for me... at least High and Low)

- Has to have "good appealing", "good looking"

- Has to "throw" well

- Preferably a well known manufacturer (fenix, itp, jetbeam, etc.....) Not the typical trustfire, ultrafire, etc...

- Twist switch preferably

- If clickie switch: no matter if reverse or fordward

- Preferably has to have clip

Yeah, is a bit difficult, I have spotted only a few in Ebay, but hope anybody can help me

Thanks guys!

Four mode Eastward J09 from DX. I only have the 3 mode but it is a very nice host with great output and a nice floody beam.

Thanks... but... any other one with more reputation? these eastwards are known of faulty clickies, not so good output, emitter different from the declared... etc

Nitecore EZ AA the one I got from Boaz is one of my favorite and most useful lights.

Yes, but a bit expensive.....


2 modes, throw, good looking, tripod mount, small, quality machining.

$23.95 shipped.

Wow thanks..... but I dont beleive it produces 130 ansi lumens, maybe 130 "chinese lumens"

It's OEM, so it will probably produce 130 emitter lumens. Look at coolperl's review.

The best way to approximate lumens is to know the current draw.However in this case where boosting is done for the led to get the necessary vF that approximation doesn't work.

ANSI lumens is for the big brands that can afford this type of testing and have the time to do it. This way they look more or less real, however the big benefit for these companies is that they appear as correct and the others not.

mmm thanks again, I will consider that flashlight if I dont find any other....

Maybe CQG S2 or you wait for the new DQG twisty AA (release date 15th Nov , retail link is already up).... it stomps the EZ AA in size.

Nice flashlight too....

The price?

Fenix E11: very small, 2 mode, forward click (wasnt in your list, but could be plus), cheap

I have it and at the moment I am thinking to buy one more, there are only 2 minus: cant tailstand and some artifacts in the beamshot

I am waiting Jetbeam BA10 form DD for 25$, its almost the same price as fenix, and it can tailstand and the beam is nice, but the size could be the issue...

you didnt mention which you prefer clickies or twisties

Quark Mini AA or olight I2 could be also good for the size, but they do not push 100 lumens...

I updated the first post adding these requirements

I don’t think anything really does much more than 100 OTF lumens in the one AA size does it?

Zebralight does but it’s expensive and it doesn’t do it for long and it’s not that much of an improvement over 100 lumens IMO. I have a Zebralight H51 headlamp.

I have to 2nd the DQG AA. With your criteria being the smallest in length and thickness it’s really the only option as it is the smallest made.

It should sell for $25 or less IIRC.

My first thought. DQG Tiny aa.

I like it! Anyone know the length of thie DQG and the expected OTF lumens on L,M,H?

DQG AA or Zebra, I would say.

If much more than 100lumen with some runtime is needed, I would skip the AA-format.

Zebra does 200 but then again, if you cycle H1 and H2 yet need some runtime, I bet many of us choose H2 and 100lumen...

Zebra has enough modes, thats a plus but far from budget.

On threads #1 post it says 0,3A on AA and on sales thread it says 0,5A.

I hope it is not too much overdriven, output like on AAA version without any heat issues and great efficiency would be just great for me.