The thread about fixed knife bargains in fasttech, gearbest, ebay or others...

Wich fixed knife, full tang, decent steel from standard shops and free shipping to the world are bargains, true gems, impossible to skip.
We can make two categories for example:

1) Maximun 10.99$
2) Maximun 20.99$

What is the experience with this?

I have tried 3 of the first category, the famous “buck” 480, the “colt” CT343 and the “buck” 2008 usa design.
The buck 2008 is not called buck anymore, now you can find it with another name and has raised the price. The colt ct343 is the 8cr13mov version, but now i see the same with 3cr13mov and almost the same price, i don’t know if the 8cr13mov is true then… both are coexisting. Each one have good and poor things that i can explain later. I’m thinking if some would have the “bargain gem” title or not…

And you?

Excellent thread!
A lot of small pocket/folding knives around the net, but very difficoult to find some good items when you go with fixed blade… :~

Good thread, I would like to see the Fallkniven clones carried at fasttech or other PayPal accepting vendors. The prices on Aliexpress are good, but minus PMing Simons Convoy shop, I do not buy off of Aliexpress…

I am interested!

I have a Fallkniven clone from FT and the blade is bent so I don't recommend it really.

Which one? I could not find any of them on FT….

I don’t see a fällkniven clone in fasttech, only bucks, bear grills and colt (may be some more but no fällknivens).

Subbed. Am also fan of fixed blade. Mine mostly bought locally though, so can’t really recommend anything.

At least I can say those cheap neck knives on ebay are surprisingly good value. Not quite “unskippable” as OP mentioned though. But they’re usable and you can afford to lose them (like $3-4 each).

Interested to join this thread, most of my knives are folders as most offers I have seen were folders. Good idea for a thread.

I don’t have a lot of interest in fixed blades - but I do have a Fallkniven clone from AE - it is about the bluntest thing I own. When I get the time/inclination I may have a crack at profiling the blade to a narrower angle, maybe 15 degrees or so. Not sure if that would help. It’s a very solid item but nowhere near being sharp.

My SAK and multitool serves my needs for a folder. And after having a few folders fold when I didn’t want them to (including good ones) I’ve gone toward EDC’ing small fixed blades sheathed in-pocket. The big issue with these is that I tend to lose them at work or the steel is crap and either won’t take an edge or won’t hold it. Or they cost too much to lose. I’ve got a Randall with a back-story as my large knife, an incomplete project but neither can it be called ‘budget’. Wish all knife steels were that good :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing what’s out there.

I’we been tempting with this beauty for a while but it’s way over 20$, was 39$ but now is 45$ :_(
Looks really good,and I bet its worth that money

Its been a long time, years so I might be mistaken

At 45$ and with that short blade i think it isn’t very budget, for the price you must get other brand knives. I don’t say it could be a good knife, only that the price is not “budget”. For that i try to put 2 levels: <=10.99$ and <=20.99$. There are a group from that shops that can fit in that range, i have 3 from level 1!! :smiley:

This will be a bit tough with the price limit being $20. There are a few between $20-$30 but i haven’t seen many I’m interested in, sub $20. I find its much easier to find a quailty folder in the sub $20 range. Maybe I need to look around a bit more.

You can buy high quality authentic Mora for under $20. So why even bother to look in China?

I could justify something like this if the sheath is as good as it looks…. more than half of a fixed blade is the sheath, otherwise how do you carry it? So $20 for the knife $25 for the sheath… :wink:

Seriously, stuff like the Mora Knives, the sheath makes the knife, otherwise it is a kitchen utensil… I love the Mora Knives, an their sheaths work, but they are plain…

Yes you can a mora companion or pro under 20$ but a mora does not the good looking of some chinese knives, bushcraft, tactical or combat knives.
Moras are good but very thin, no wide blade too and so…

There are some cima and hx outdoors in gearbest and everybuying but cheap cimas under 10$ in my opinion they do not seem get the “bargain gem” title, only the “cheap and cheap made” knife. 3cr13mov steel… you get what you pay, a bargain is another thing.

I also prefer fixed blades. They are much more substantial. It seems Folders are more popular, but I always feel like eating a Whimpy burger after I open one up. I’m pretty sure Popeye carried a Ka-Bar.

Has anyone ordered a fixed blade from Gearbest and actually received the knife? I noticed a few people posting they were not receiving their knives from Gearbest. I ordered a Cima knife over a month ago: nuttin so far :frowning: