The TrustFire X8 I have been waiting for has arrived.....................

today. There were a number of you that wanted to know if indeed it was a genuine TrustFire X8.

I can happily say, Yes. The real deal to the smallest detail. Light arrived in perfect condition. It also came with the TF extension so you can either run on 1x18650 or 2x18650. It didn’t come in the fancy-schmancy TF padded box you see here in this link. But everything else came with it except for a battery and charger. You do the math.

or this link….

It also included the spare parts kit consisting of a glass lens, very nice lanyard, belt clip, assorted GITD O-rings, and an aluminum-encased reverse clicky switch. Those parts alone should you have wanted to buy them separately would prolly run you $7 easy. Remember we’re also talking about genuine TF parts here.

So this supplier of a genuine TrustFire X8 delivers what they advertise. All for less than $30.

Now this is a bargain for a fabulous light at a fabulous price.

And as such gets the almost-coveted Lumatic Good Lightkeeping Seal of Approval. (LGLSOA).

I will proceed to buy one more to fulfil my ‘buy in bulk’ mantra at least for this light. I will now own at least 3 and when all’s said and done prolly quite a few more. I cannot stress that you must get one of these to compare what you have to IMO a real bang-for-the-buck best, a genuine TrustFire X8. Get one now before TrustFire doesn’t make one anymore or messes it up. They’re that good.

Was playing with mine last night before bed. It is my brightest single XM-L.

Well spotted Lumatic !! Bought one (hmmm even thought about getting two …)

The person who runs this Aliexpress store is Rey, who is a contributor to these forum (WWEFANS). Great service from him.

I agree. the TF X8 is a remarkable piece. Very well built with good throw and usable spill. A light that performs extremely well.

brighter than a HD2010?

How’s tint on your sample?

how is the x8 compared to the x6 or x7 or x9?

(In case you’re addressing me but if not here goes anyway……)

Well, on my sample definitely a whiter tint. Not NW by any means.

This review & comments does a pretty good job. FlashPilot’s comments in particular goes into the finer nuances.

I will say this though. In both my X8’s the amount of useable/bright spill is very very impressive considering the amount of throw it still manages to project. The HD2010 for instance (at least my TMart version running on 1x18650), throws impressively no doubt about it - and it should with that size reflector, but comparing it overall to the X8’s spill and throw, I gotta say the X8 is Bad A to the bone and it still doesn’t take a back seat to anything I own in a single-emitter/1x18650. Bottomline is that it’s one helluva light.

You should get one and give us your hands-on impression.

does the second battery make it brighter or does it just add run time?


I’ve noticed a small increase in brightness but runtime is really good with two batts.
It gets rather warm after several minutes but not too hot to hold. Very happy with this torch overall.

Yes. It’s brighter than ANY single XM-L I own. It’s over 1,000 lumens to start. To beat it, you’d have to go up to something like a TN31. It is bright white, leaning a bit blue. And it holds pace nicely with my 1,365 lumen Stanley Halogen spotlight. You can barely tell that the Stanley is brighter. The 980L is right behind it, but with the size of the pill on that thing, I don’t think we should expect any single-banger XM-L to overtake the X8. You need to own it. It’s one of a kind.

Running it on one cell puts it in direct drive, but it will be much less bright (maybe 630 lumens) and will dim when used. With two cells, it is regulated and screaming bright and barely even gets warm. The only thing I hate about it is how easy any little touch of the button will knock it to the next mode.

It looks like this aliexpress place doesn’t take Paypal? Or maybe I’m blind.

I don’t think they do. But email them and they’ll usually give you the PP address. They don’t want people to use it because it somehow comes out less in their currency or something.

If I am not mistaken, PP had a beef with Aliexpress some time ago and they pulled their service from their site. Something to do with buyers complaints.

Thinking of getting this, but also the XinTD in NW. This light looks better, but I find I choose to grab warmer lights when using them.

How do these two compare other than tint??

That's just half the story. Maybe less. The real reason is that Aliexpress takes business away from daddy eBay.

The Xin is smaller, lighter, and doesn’t have capability of running 2x18650. But you know all that regurgitation.

Bright-wise, I’d say it’s 120 to 150 lumens dimmer, doesn’t have quite the throw or spill of the X8 nor does it have quite as deep a reflector (should that be of any consequence to your decision) and definitely doesn’t have the defensive attributes the X8 has. The X8 can become a seriously effective club with that head weight and extra length. The Xin with NW and mode selection option at purchase are great features so I think it boils down to tint and initial mode setup vs X8 flat-out power, spill, throw, and runtime. Heat-sink efficiency wise, I’d say the X8 has the edge because of that massive pill.

The X8 has user-settable mode memory. You want it to always start on low, you can make it start on low. High, strobe, whatever strokes ya. The Xin doesn’t have user-settable mode memory. This is one feature I really like about the X8.

The Xin IMO is a close contender, a wonderful light in of itself, and quality-wise it’s right there with the X8, but ultimately it’s no X8. I would get both. And I did mainly because I like NW in a quality package. :bigsmile:

Others I’m sure will chime in.

My Xeno G42 u2 is just a little bit brighter than my X8

[x8 vs Xeno G42u2cw](<a) href=“”\>