Thermal pad mcpcb for Flashlight

We are MCPCB manufacturer.

Main products is

DTP (Direct thermal path) copper MCPCBs.
DTP (Direct thermal path) Aluminum MCPCBs.

Thermal conductivity: 385 W/.k DTP (Direct thermal path) copper MCPCBs
Thermal conductivity: 237 W/.k DTP (Direct thermal path) Aluminum MCPCBs

Custom as your design for your LED Lighting
-Head light
-Stage led lighting
-Car led lighting

Performance as good as sinkpad
Quality is good, too,but price low, very reasonable.

Welcome enquiry

Do you only sell wholesale or to consumers as well? Do you have an AliExpress or eBay store?
For which LED brands and types do you offer compatibility?

edit: Do you have 20mm triples?


Hello, Tech,

Yes, we custom it as customer’s design or idea
Sell to Wholesale or LED lighting manufacturers.
Recently,have no ae and ebay store.

Here is detail