These Drivers are Driving me Crazy

Of course, I don't have to go far to be driven crazy...

I am thinking about some future mods for small lights using:

1 AA NiMH (1.2vdc)

2AA NiMH (2.4vdc)

Most likely I will want to use one of the more powerful Cree emitters, so let's say an emitter range of 1.5A to 3A

All the "Boost Boards" I find are either "Not Available" or they produce under 1A.

What's out there that is:

1- Readily Available

2- Can boost from 1.2 OR 2.4 vdc

3- Produces over 1A

4- Reasonably priced

The more I search and the more I read, the more fuzzy things get. My head hurts...Frown

I figured I would step away and let the masters here give me guidance.


Not sure about 2AA.

But for 1AA the most powerful boost driver around would be this one at DX note the dia is 17mm

There's a very similar product at SB here note the dia is 14mm

As far as I can tell, these are based on the RV7 design that was sold a long time ago in small numbers by a member on CPF who claimed his mate had designed the driver.

But take note, to gain those high outputs from 1AA you have a high current draw when on high setting.

Could be fun to make a 1D maglite running 3 XPGs with one boost driver per LED?

Thanks for the Links,

I haven't found much of anything for 1AA or even 2AA unless the mA is low. I know it is limiting on purpose, because at full draw the battery would be dead in short order. I guess that I will, in the long run, give up all of these notions and just keep doing 3AA direct drive. I have never liked having to use a driver, just more to go wrong, more heat, more draw off the batteries.

I was just thinking of doing something different (small) but really it's not what I like. I just like bright lights myself. Just trying to think of something different.

D cells in a MagLite would be great, but at $15-20 bucks a pop for good D cells (plus a charger), I won't ever be doing one. I would love to do a Mag with 3 F cells and 3,4,5 or 6 emitters, but I could never afford the F cells or all the parts, so I keep doing the cheap stuff, till someone leaves me in their will..... Time's running out! Ha...

I'm sorry...

All I can think of is: "These pretzels are making me THIRSTY!"

I just wanted to say that I'm with you. I wanted a driver to build a nice XML dropin for a Solarforce L2R (2 x AA) but there just no such animal except ones already installed in higher priced lights. The L2R body just sits on the shelf and I've almost thrown it away a few times.

Thanks for the offer, Bob. I’ve got a SF low voltage R5 I can use with it, but like you said… its low power. I think I’m just going to put that dropin back in it and a couple lithium primaries and throw it in the wife’s car for an emergency light.

I would love a driver that would draw 2A on high from either 1 or 2 NiMH.

Its really to bad the driver from the Trustfire R5A3 isn't available it pulls over 2 amps on one Duraloop AA and delivers over 4 volts and 1.8 amps to an XML an high plus 3 modes with no flashies.

I have also been looking for a nice single AA (only) LED driver, so far with no luck other then the DX one above. Looking how the circuit is made up though... I would think it should not be too hard to make (or modify) an existing board to give a higher current (and possibly better modes) then this board. The soldering would be fiddly but there looks to only be around 5 types of components in the circuit. I have a step father who is an electronics engineer, so next time I see him I will ask about it.

Must be quite a lot more then 2A surely? A single Duraloop even full charged isn't going to be much more then 1.5V particularly at 2A and probably a fair amount less. So if you're delivering 1.8A at 4V you must be drawing at least 4.8A and I would expect closer to if not above 6A (see for example).