Think of a number. Any number.

And let me know what it is. The range is from 0-4500. The three most popular numbers will be used. I'm probably going to have to aggregate them in blocks.

I will issue an explanation in a week or so.

I am not at liberty to explain why I'm using you folks as a random number generator now - but there will be a full explanation later.

You can vote for as many numbers as you like, but it will make my life easier if you only vote once per post.

Like they used to say, "Vote early, vote often".

Mr. Admin knows why I am doing this and is OK with it.

Please do join in.



In case anyone asks - you can vote as many times as you like. The more often, the better for me.

The more the merrier!



2375 LOL :bigsmile: Can post 4499 numbers more :p

Feel free to do it. The more votes I get, the better.


[quote] Think of a number. Any number. [/quote]

42. The answer is always 42.

Good one! Like you say it always is.

I actually got that in a computer science lecture in 1981. And in a psychology one, and a meteorology one in 1982.

And it still works for me.

Didn't work in the 1982 exams though :(

Fortunately I knew the answers that weren't 42 in the resits in 1982...

My number is: 17



666 muhahahah

Keep voting!


Thanks. I want as many votes as I can get.

Can I pick pi?


Umbrella Eyes

Copied raccoon city's eyes and gave them a: