Thinking about buying a Zebralight SC700D and need battery compatibility input.

I was thinking about picking up a Zebralight SC700D and I have some questions about battery compatibility.

I know that Zebralight offers a Samsung 40T battery but I was wondering if there are higher capacity quality 21700 cells that would work in the light? I’ve been told that no matter what battery you choose they all will rattle in the light. Thanks!

I can confirm that both the Samsung 30T and 40T do fit — and both rattle side to side. The Efest Purple IMR 21700 3700 mAh 35A does not fit (too fat). I have read on the other forum that the Samsung 50E will fit, although I’m pretty sure that its output specs are close to borderline for the amp draw of the flashlight on the highest brightness setting, so I wonder how the battery will fare as it starts to age. The 40T seems like the best compromise of current and capacity for a battery that fits the SC700d. A little bit of painter’s tape around the battery will stop the rattle if that’s the only thing you want to get away from.

Near the end of my SC700d review below, I noted a problem with the Samsung INR21700-48G. Just be aware of this issue, although it was easily fixed with a blob of solder on the + contact.

Yes, I seen that review and it is great! I read about the battery being a little recessed at the top, making contact from the pogo pins less than satisfactory. I counted the 48G out as I didn’t want to modify the cell in that way to make it function correctly. I was hoping that there was some 5000mAh cells that would work w/o modification as I am looking for the maximum run times.

I wouldn’t worry about the battery rattling side to side, you can fix that several ways. Put some tape around the cell. Or put a piece of paper down into the light, perhaps with instructions on how to run the light…

Cool. I suppose I’ll have to settle with the 40T. I wish there was a Sanyo/Panasonic 21700 that was comparable with 4000mAh or greater.

Has anyone tried the LG M50?

Just ordered the sc700d with a pair of 40T cells. Going to play it safe. If a higher capacity cell is released later down the road and it works with it, I’ll pick one up.

As others said, paper down into the flashlight tube and soldering small blob will make the perfect fit. Just be as quick as possible while soldering a blob.

running the 40t from ZL and the 50e as well… 50e seems to put out a ton of light , as much as the recommended cell. Then again, that 3000 lumens is for short times anyway.

loving the sc700d

I’m using the 50E too, without problems, except for the rattle.

Did you have contact issues? Did you have to solder blob that 50E?

Not yet, didn’t solder. I’ll try later shaking like hell to see if there’s any issues.

I now am the proud owner of two SC700d flashlights and have settled for the 40T battery option. One of them has a lighter anodizing than the other. It does not bother me. Battery rattle is evident with the 40T. I’m using scotch tape for now. I have clear shrink wrap on the way.

Currently my assessment is as follows vs. the SC600w MK IV Plus:

To those of you who already own a SC600w MK IV Plus, the SC700d does not make it obsolete. The SC700d is significantly bigger, and as far as output goes, I can only see a slight difference on high. The SC700d does however, have lower lumen modes than the SC600w MK IV Plus. Tint wise, I seem to have grown accustomed to 4500k on my SC600w MK Iv Plus. The 5000k tint on the SC700d is more white but with a slight greenish tint. Color wise, the higher 90 CRI of the SC700d, vs the 83+ CRI SC600w MK IV Plus, does makes colors pop out a little more from what I can tell. Since I have grown accustomed to 4500k on my SC600w MK IV Plus, I will need more time to get accustomed to the 5000k on the SC700d. Overall You can’t go wrong with either ZL model as they both have their own unique perks.

Good to hear that you like it! My SC600w IV Plus got too hot, too quickly for me on high, and I was still within the return window at Amazon, so I sent it back. The SC700d is bigger, but still carryable in a pants pocket. The XHP 70.2 emitter seems to be notorious for having a green/yellow color cast (mine is distinctly lime-tinted white light), but this light is able to produce such an incredibly floody beam of light that I don’t mind the color at all. Sure, I’d love a more neutral tint of white, but for a light this size, able to maintain this many lumens for as long as it does, with such a floody beam, I’m not sure if there is anything else quite like it. The Emisar D4 is competition for lumens, but not for sustained lumens. The D4S does well at sustained lumens, but is not carryable like the SC700d is.

Anyway, I look at the SC700d has an “area light,” good for lighting up a wide open space with a lot of spready light that reaches up into the treetops, whereas the SC64 is more of “subject light,” good for pointing at something specific without wasting any light on non-subjects. I couldn’t really justify the SC600 fitting between those.

Cool. I did have battery rattle with mine using a Samsung 40T. I fixed it by buying some clear 21700 wraps from IMRBatteries. Two layers of wrap over the factory exsisting one creates a perfect fit. No rattle at all. If you have some 40Ts with aftermarket white stickers on them you’ll have to peel that off or it will mess with battery fit. Also you’ll need to use a tiny magnet on the positive terminal of the 40T to make contact with some chargers as the double wrap can make the cell too thick at the top and not allow the battery to make positive contact.

I don’t understand why some people say the SC64 is not floody. My SC64w is as floody as it can be, almost the same as my H600Fw with frosty lens. The SC64 HI on the other hand, has a more defined and smaller hotspot, but still a flood light. SC600w HI has a smaller hotspot and more throw. SC700d is as floody as the SC64w.

Are we having flood lottery with the SC64 that hasn’t been mentioned before?

Mine works well with the 40T with no rattles. And also the Sofirn HD 21700’s. Its actually a little bit brighter with the Sofirn batteries. Pretty much all my other 21700’s don’t fit :slight_smile: