Third Attempt. Update 10-10-18

Looks like this attempt is also going to fail. I have been informed that I am crossing a line by asking programmers to write my user interface. I apologize to any programmers that took my dream UI as an insult to any current UI’s being written. I can not afford to pay the to have this professionally done. So that leaves me with learning the language and learning to flash drivers.

I was told that the language was C and that my UI should fit on a tiny85. Thank you to those that gave me this info.

I will soon start another thread on my Quest for Dream UI. It will be about the UI. And about my progress. I am sure it will take some time.

Again Thank You and I am Sorry.

I have not watched it yet, I am going to soon, apologies for my fast talking and slurred speech. And any mistakes I may have made.
It was one cut without notes, 2 Heelers at my feet and a grandson at my side.

Wow, I really thought this would of took off. I guess its a good thing I didn’t show you all G9

Interesting. Nice diagrams. These are definitely some fairly complex UI ideas, but I like the added functionality. Something I want is to be able to adjust the “bike flashing” brightness level so I like that aspect.

I came to see the heelers :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t help ya with the programing i watched the video but i am still confused by the modes to complicated for me but i am sure you have it locked down.

The perfect UI.

Screw base half turn for power ON/OFF.
Forward click. On-Low. Hold, ramping to 50. Second click (anytime) 100.
3rd click OFF.
Double click, flashing. For those that want.

A lot of you like all these multiple items in there. But. in reality.
How many actually use many of them?.
Reading here, there seems to be quite a few like me. Just want basics with the quality, AND reliability
in the build and parts.
Switches seem to be the main problem in the cheaper units I find.
Put the money from fancy electronics into the switches. and we’ll all be happy.
Some with lotsa flashing. some with basic on/off.
I’ve got 3 good lights here. all with dead or intermittent switches.
Bloody frustrating.

Ah well. Excuses for more lights with missus, hey.

this ui can come really close. But its a E switch.

Rethinking cheat sheet. I am sure I can get it onto wallet card.


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