This is for a Trade

I am trading a good buddy of mine a couple of Nitro RC's and i would like you guys to check out his knives, I would like some recommendations on two of them. and this is what i plan to trade him.

I am no longer into racing or bashing, so i figured it would be a nice gesture since he would like to get into it.

I'd go straight for the Sanrenmu 763 and 710 although one of your RC's is probably worth more than a 763 and 710 would cost new.

i have that SOG FlashII, it was $40-60 when i bought it like 3 years ago. the pocket clip was a weak point. the knife is nice and blade holds an edge, but it feels cheap to me, even though i know its not. its assisted open

i also have that kirshaw 1760 "skyline". not assisted. very nice knife. feels good in the hand, not noticeable clipped to the pocket, plenty fast, hold edge very well. i think it was $50-55 when i bought it about a year ago

+1 except I'd go 763 and SOG, since I'm partial to axis type locks

about two years ago I sold a 15 year old kyosho rampage (w/ radio plus on road wheels/tires/body) for the cost of about 6 new 763s

i miss the smell of that fuel lol

I like the SOG and the Kershaw a finger flip blade.....hard to tell with the blade open.

I do miss racing but these were strictly bashers, you know the type, one brings them to work and runs them in the back during lunch break lol.

yes it is. when closed there is a lever or such sticking out the top. but i use the thumb stud. im talking about the g10 handle satin blade one

i think the black blade one is a ken onion. mine like it has a rubber like coating on the handle and tanto tip serrated blade. but the handle is the same shape and layout. if it is what i think, its an assisted open knife, but possibly wrong

edit:its clearly printed ken onion if click the picture lol

So these two are finger flip blades.......My sidekicks are the Gerber Evo and Evo junior......both are used for work and at home on my side and cliped to the inside pocket of my jeans. Guess i need to join a knife forum as much to learn instead of just using it lol.

my ken onion kershaw doesnt have the lever on top when closed, its assisted open. but my friend has a small ken onion that looks the same finish as that handle that is assisted with the lever on top. id ask him for model #s so you can find out exactly what your getting

but the satin steel g10 handle is a 1760 aka skyline.

edit: im not exactly sure what you mean by finger flick, i assumed you meant the ones with the little lever on top. but any decent knife with a thumb stud on the blade will flick open with the flick of tumb

So what do you guys think about the SOG.....

i know its a good knife, off the top of my head id say a new one could be had for $20-30. it lasted me over a year of hard edc until the clip broke. im sure if i contacted them i could get a new one. the handle is about 50% wider than the kershaw 1760. its got a neat safety lock on it too. search the skyline flashII

they both seem to be in the $30-50 range now plus shipping

IDK, what could you get for those RCs ?? either way i think your buddy is getting a deal unless those RCs are really tore up.

They just need a good cleaning is all......if you want to take a look at my racers just let me know and i will post up some pics, there electric.

Thanks Pulsar for posting them up for me......

oh ya , i love that stuff its shocking that i do not have any. guy at work was just showing me his RCs - i lit up.

never could " afford" that before but i was looking for a indoor one to chase the animals.

i need one with a wireless cam too : ) , always thought cockpit racing RCs would be ridiculously fun

Of the knives pictured, the best are the Kershaw Skyline and the Buck 110. The SRM knives are good but they are cheap to buy yourself, new.

Everyone needs a Buck.

I have a Damascus Skyline. I EDC it a lot because it is so lightweight and cuts like a razor.

The other Kershaw looks good too, I don't have one but all of my Kershaws are wonderful.

I have over 200 pocket knives, but no SOG. I just don't like the quality.

BTW, the way to open a Skyline or other flipper knife is to put your trigger finger on the flipper and push while at the same time giving it a little wrist flip.

i have to argue on the quality. i said it feels cheap, but its not. if it was, it would be in the trash or given away by now.

i do have to agree on kershaws though. i also have in my edc knife drawer at the moment a ken onion 1670 tanto blur. that is probably the best feeling assisted open i have owned. i Fd up and used it to pry a plastic trim piece off my shift boot, and snapped the tip. i contacted kershaw 10 mins ago to see if they will sell me a new blade for it. see how that goes

the buck 110 is technically a nice knife, but its not my style. i see one and think 70s. but yes, i do have one and a few other bucks... would not buy one though

the coated blade kershaw id say is a leek.

Well i met up with Paul yesterday and the trade went nicely, he was happy and i was happy. Be posting up the knives he traded soon, that is after i play with them lol.

Here I am...the dude who traded. :) I am happy with the RC stuff and am having fun learning about it all. The deal with my wife was to thin out my knives because I did not need them all and would rather keep a few knives that I actually use. :) I really hope Alfred is happy with the box of knives and lights I traded him. I am happy with my first Nitro RC. I am learning about it and cleaning a bit for now. :)