This is how they do fireworks in Spain!

I have to show you a video of "San Lorenzo" fireworks to impress you... almost 30 minutes of fireworks... but no only sound, fireworks producing many beautifull shapes.... and colorfull...

Sure, pls do. So far the best i have seen is those ones from Japan. Perfect shells.

Some videos of "San Lorenzo", but they dont show the "real life"

More in my city too

What do you think?

Not too bad, at least you get 30 mins. My country is well....used to be good, then not sure what happened, cut budget and we get pathetic shows. (locals still wowing, pretty bad...shows they never seen the big stuff before). I go to Indonesia for my own firing kick.....get to fire 1.3Gs there. :D (but must be very careful).

Lets move to Japan :

100% Perfect shells appeciation

Ground shells (36 inches)

I have another thread on China and misc.

Another one that's interesting is Taiwan. Taipei 101, 508m building.

OMG!! This is other level....

In some coountries fireworks are only to "make noise" and in other countries, just to impress... and the more the better

How many TONS of MONEY they spend in that???????????

OMG!! make noise is also nice, not to say that it is not fun. Mascletas are really intense. Pyromusicals are also nice in another way.

China invented fireworks....Liuyang is the world's firework's capital (think they make 70+ % of the world's fireworks).

Your Fanyfire/Sky Ray is probably made in similar fashion.

Japanese manufacturing. Like I said, PERFECT shells with PERFECT breaks that i never see in other country's fireworks. *thumbs up to Japan*

Perfecto! :

I guess fireworks is banned in Singapore?

Consumer fireworks/crackers banned since 1960s.....too many high-rise. Used to be banned in Beijing/Shanghai, but now they allow it again...or rather the police can't do nothing! (too many people)

One more of the Japanese Hanabis!

Very nice pyromusical.

Extremely good fireworks in Spain. Check it out from 3:30.

Keep um coming 2100.
I looked forward going pyro every New Years.
But a law got passed a couple years ago that just killed all the fun.
I still got a stash that I stocked-piled the last year before the new law kicked in.
People still sneak around and play, but it’s not the same
God I miss the old days.

Yes, I have seen some youtube vids what you can do in Honolulu. Quite fun.

But do be careful about fireworks, treat them with the utmost respect. If you do not know how to play safely, get the fireworks cakes and maintain the safety distance. Even a small cracker can easily fracture your fingers under the right conditions.

Yeah, I know what your saying.
The new law got implemented because people were getting out of control.
The fire dept., police and hospitals were overwhelmed with incidents on the eve.
It finally got to the point they had no choice despite strong opposition.
People were getting hurt and property was being damaged.

Yeah I posted it here in this thread some 2 mths ago: