This is just cool - UltraFire MCU-C88 turned into a beautiful 2W blue laser

And how it was done:

I wish I had 125$ for the very cool focus adapter...

Its gotta be DTR.... Anyway they should really be using better hosts for these higher-end handhelds which take a lot of time to make.

Didn't know you like lasers as well, though you only love UV (from that CPF UV thread). LOL! BTW, 405nm fluorescences things really superbly, you can take out the collimating lens and so much near-UV directed output that it would make your 10W T8 BLB blush. LOL! You may wish to go down that route. O-Like has a cheap $100 400mW 405.

Here's another monster.

Anyway, the price of some lasers really cost the sky.

I like anything that shines :)

But lasers are a bit too scary for me right now (I don't want to lock my cats any time I play with lasers), and also import regulations will probably prevent me from getting anything even remotely powerful.

So I'll settle for flashlights and that uber-cool tritium embedded dome (I think tritium will also get confiscated by customs here, but never tried that).

Here's the RL-2088.

Yes, Brazil and Israel are extremely difficult. So is Australia. I learnt that from aliexpress Oxlaser store. A lot of confiscation. Can I recommend you survival laser? Its sold by Garoq, check out the Buy & Sell there. Tell him how he sent 2100's package. Everything is unmarked and no instructions (downloadable from his site), anyway he sells as a kit and wrapped in bubble wrap. 10 mins to assemble the kit, no issue. usd139 for 1.1-1.3W depending on diode efficiency and now he includes copper heatsink for FOC (I had to pay $10 additional) for full power runs up to 2 minutes. 2 x 18350 gives you crazy total runtime, the Aurora host can take 18350s. Put in a 18650 and its only ~ 200mW. So you can actually "train" first with a 18650.

Laser Safety is good knowledge. But yeah the cats will need to be locked up. Coherent light is really different from flashlights, though I can tell you from experience that HIDs are extremely dangerous. I nearly got blinded by just 100W from a 7" reflector, i don't think i got hit by the central hotspot, just the corona. Forget about the blink reflex, it does not work! A bit puffed up and I had flashes for 2 days. Current LEDs lux don't do that so pretty safe. LOL!

Did you just say 139$ in a BUDGET light forum? ;)

I think I'll stick with flashlights and maybe try very low power lasers some time in the future.

In the mean time I'm looking for a real 1mw laser to play with my cats... seems like all the cheap 1mw-s are really 3mw or more, so that's a no go for me right now.

Come one man! Laughing

$139 for something that throws 2km and burns stuff like nothing is great! Anyway a focusable 532nm $30 can also throw 2km, bleah....

But yeah, can try a 5mW for $10 and know how lasers behave first. BTW, those 5mW are often have to be really careful as well.

With less than $10 and some elettronic component you can make a 200mW laser that go farther than 2Km (red). If you want it blue you only have to buy a different emitter. The only problem is the dome.. I'm pretty sure every custom would confiscate it...

They have been saying that....every parcel will be scanned by USPS etc.... but look at LPF review section. LOL!

But I think for your country its quite strict. Quite a few countries are still ok.

Tritium dome? who/what/where/huh? That sounds somewhere between 'cool' and 'evil genius' territory.

I know it's strange but in italy you have to be lucky... They make strict control on dangerous item but sometimes they miss an item.. How do i know it?

I order a 1mw laser and they block it but only a week later a 50 mw laser arrived in my postbox..

I meant this thing:

Wow. That DOES look evil. Kind of like if iron man redesigned a 2 3/4 inch rocket pod, and it got stolen by terrorists.

I love it.

Id almost be afraid of that thing pointed at me as i would a real gun, Who knows what the US Govement has built these days?

I like the host alot also, I gotta look into that.

You can take the head off unscrew the pill screw it back into the head and just attach the clicky to the head ..makes for a super fat shorty ..Power?? a watch battery? looks cool anyway .. if you have this light you must do it just for fun .it feels crazy in your hand .

MCU-88 is really great...low cost good looks and solid built. It just has the wrong emitter as of nowaday's tech...they never update it. Should be XP-G, 3AAs definitely can drive it.

I like lasers but I am afraid Australian customs don't share my enthusiasm. Apart from them confiscating it -I think there are potentially substantial fines that can be imposed.

There are? Wow, better stay low then.

You and your cats may enjoy this. It's a neat little gadget for under $3

i don't know why but i want this nice monster! :) it looks great, like from some sci-fi :)