This light... new? I want one

Never seen it before but it looks like an awesome light... XML able to take 1 or 2 18650s with extension and has a head of 53.5mm (so reflector is probably around ~5mm less then a trustfire X9s) if it wasn't sold out and I could find some info about it I would be tempted to can the Trustfire X9 purchase and get one of these

Anyone know anything about them?.

Looks really good for $44.00- I thought it was going to be much more.

Big reflector eh ?

Maybe 900 NOT Chinese Lumens- looks more like the fat American Lumens...........

I have had two orders from the seller and both times were fast post. His lights do appear to be well made. Do it!

Yea I posted that one on here before. I even emailed the seller and they don't know if they will ever get anymore in. Don't see the point in leaving it on their website if that is the case. Kind of stupid if you ask me.

Its a bugger about it being sold out, otherwise I would be very tempted. I will send them an email and see if their is any chance of them getting them back in stock.

I think we need a continuing thread to list new lights on... I'm going to go and make one I think.

do your lights have the same symbol on them as the one linked? I'd love to know what the brand name is but I can't make it out even zooming in on the photos that show it. I REALLY want to find this light...

If it helps under manufacturer (bottom of specs above photos) it says: OEM, this probably just stands for original equipment manufacturer but there is a slight chance it is the manufacturers initials as there are three words below the logo.

I would also love to know where you could get one of these torchs.

You should be able to find them on Taobao as thats where the seller gets them from, I think.

Do you think the seller wouldn't have bought it already from Taobao since he got requests from clients?

Too easy.

he got one from me yesterday too

not used to receiving a response. that makes me want to spend money. good communication leads to more business, funny how that works.

reportedly, this light will not be available again but the manufacturer will make something similar. The word's 'next year' were in there...didn't ask whether that means 6 weeks or 12 months...

I said something about 26650s and a side switch, but not to lose the mass, knurling, fins, good looks and price