This Macbook Air charger


I might be buying an 11” MBA very soon to take on a long trip with me and have been looking for portable power options. This guy appears to be selling what looks like one of the $10 generic 4x18650 power boxes off ebay (5v 2A) to charge a MBA??

What about this option?

I am loving those boxes to charge my smartphones and would love to charge a laptop or netbook with it aswell. Thanks!

I’ve ordered a similar one from Ebay UK.

Cheers bro,

Are you able to charge your netbook or laptop with this?
Looks the same and cheaper than the one I got from suntekstore even after the coupon.
Just a note: The white HImax will not fit in this and even Trustfire flames are a tight fit. Sanyos fit nicely. Think this has protection like the others.

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Hi,Pantaloonie.have you got the charger? Really wonder if it can be use for charging laptop at this price. I have been using a similar box with 5v,1a fine with mobile and iPad.

Not got it yet, it was ordered only two days ago.
I’ll report back when it arrives.

Doesn’t the Air require 15-16 Volts or thereabouts? They don’t make a car charger due to this, so I was told when I tried to buy one.

My Air has its own little power block, its not a generic 5V USB one.

Pretzy, that’s awesome. Did you make that yourself? Would love to get hold of one or if someone could make me one… hint :slight_smile: