This new flashlight at DX looks very similar to Nitecore EA4,

Interesting, it says flashlight runs off 14500s in Series! That’s impossible, but only testing will tell.

Hopefully it runs on AAs, and has 600 Lumens.

Brand TrustFire
Model TR-A9
Quantity 1
Color Black
Material Aluminium alloy
Emitter Brand Cree
Emitter BIN T6
Color BIN White
Number of Emitters 1
Working Voltage 7.2~8.4 V
Battery Configuration 4 x 14500 batteries (included)
Circuitry 1500mA
Brightness 500 lm
Runtime 2 hours
Number of Modes 5
Mode Arrangement Hi / Mid / Low / Fast strobe / SOS
Mode Memory No
Switch Type Side clicky
Switch Location Tailcap
Lens Glass
Reflector Aluminum Smooth
Beam Range 150 Meters
Strap Included No
Clip Included No
Other Feature Batteries: 2 x parallel and 2 x serial; Press switch for 3 seconds can change to fast strobe / SOS mode; Charger input : AC 100~240V / 50 / 60Hz; Output: DC 4.2V / 600mAh
Packing List 1 x Flashlight 1 x Charger (US plug / 100~240V) 4 x 14500 Batteries 1 x Protective cover

That's some tight working voltage for 4*14500 in series. :)

Probably 2 in series 2 in parallel.

So with that it mind, the AA won’t work right?
and the button will not display voltage most likely…

You can't really rely on the specs, but AA should not work if 7.2V is the lowest input voltage.

The first “clone” arrives! :bigsmile:

It actually says in the description that it's 2 parallel, 2 series. It also says that it comes with 4 batteries and a charger.

So no - don't expect NiMH to work.

Link didn't work for me but found it here:

For about this price I got the genuine Nitecore EA4W from FT. Why would I bother with this cheap clone with the standard unimaginative driver selection, no mode memory and 4 dubious 14500s that I wouldn't be game to use?

Thanks but no thanks.

for just cents more, i got a real ea4w. i dont understand how they thing they will sell any at that price.

im still interested in hearing about it though and seeing a tear down, if anyones willing to take one for the team :stuck_out_tongue:

with the price almost similar with EA4, there’s small chance this product can success…
however the ability to use 14500 might a plus point for some users.

Actually it's the Nitecore EA4 that is very cheap not the clone expensive.

I would buy this over the ea4 just to avoid giving nitecore money tbh.

in all truth, i think most here bought the ea4 before nitecore showed their true colors


I'd also be thinking twice before supporting them again. Variety of reasons including E8 teardown results, rubber button debacle on EA4 and some questionable business practices.

What happened with them?

I bought a EA4W with a few small problems but I was able to get a refund including the cost of shipping it back. I still like the EA4 but not sure if I will buy another.

I just do not get 2S/2P with Li-ions. Isn't that asking for bad things to happen?

I would buy the EA4 before this thing. It needs to be $20 before it's worth the money. Maybe Fasttech will carry it for $25 soon.

That’s what I’m hoping. This would make a great mod host at $20-25. The 2s2p would lend itself well to a xml2 and a buck driver I would think.
I would rather tear into this than an ea4 to mod, myself

Looks like the bezel screws all the way down, unlike my EA4 :slight_smile:

Now if this was in the 50% off sale…………

There was another thread or two on this light

I agree with you guys, at current pricing and politricks aside, the EA4 is a better buy.

Why the Nitecore dislike?

non flashaholics or new ones won’t know what we know to get the best price, they will think the retail price is the best they can do

I love my Nitecore!! :heart_eyes:

I’m not a Nitecore dealer so I don’t mind about MAP; I don’t plan on getting an EA8 (amazing heatsink design!!), nor do I have any Jetbeam allegiance.