This noob has officially caught the bug.

I started out ordered a rook. ($28.60 fast tech) I have a bunch of new 14500’s so I started out looking for a flashlight to use them in. It seemed innocent enough. So I started reading more and looking for some flashlights for the 18650’s I have laying around. Now I haven’t even gotten the Rook in yet and have already ordered more.

Next I decided I needed something small with a good flood. So I bought a HD2011 ($9.99 Wallbuys)

Then I decided I needed to try something with a decent throw and some spill. Not massive just something else to use up some 18650’s. I was going to get a HD2010 but I think to really get the value out of one I would need to buy 26650’s and a charger and the point was to use up some of the 18650’s. So I bought a Small Sun ZY-T08 from Manafont for $26.26.

Then of course I had to find a couple of the more popular inexpensive ones just to see what the hype was about and fill out my starter collection. So I bought a Sipik68 and a C8. Both from Aliexpress, Total $24.40 for the two.

So, $89.25 for a small sample of what is out there. I figured I would get my feet wet before I went too crazy.

So now It’s time to stalk the mailman. :davie:

And so it begins…. 8)

speakin like a true BLFer already i see S)

If you’re in the US, order an HD2010 from Tmart, you’ll likely have it in less than a week…mine is great with 18650’s…but then you can justify buying some 26650’s…

I mean it’s not like I’m waiting on 4 torches, 3 sets of batteries in 3 sizes, XR-E drop in, silicone grease, balance leads, magnets and a larger than average credit card bill. That’s what a month on this place has done to me.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.


I’m waiting on 9 torches, 14 cells, 6 driver boards, LEDs on stars, reflectors, lenses, grease,…

Man; reading that back just sounds like it must be :santa: or something :wink:

The good news is that it’s actually a fairly affordable addiction, at least compared to many others.

Very nice start to your collection!

I added up my orders from Intl-Outdoor since September and it came to $400, now $290 from Fasttech since Dec 4th, batteries from Kumabear maybe $150, $125 for a Crelant 7G9 w/mods, and there's more from DX, Manafont, FancyFlashlights, Kaidomain, WallBuys, LEDLenser, eBay, not to mention maybe $200+ in tools... yikes!

Welcome to BLF, 18sixfifty.

Thanks, I did a lot of lurking here first.

Well, I see it can get expensive.

Please call: 1-800-BLF-Faan
(Budget light forum flashlight addicts annoniumus )

Don’t laugh, we call ourselves flashaholics for a damn good reason. You, see, it is always just one more flashlight, the rule of thumb in here is the number of flashlights you own is:

N + 1, that way you never have enough.

The only one who has enough lights, is God, and he told me about the limit for Mankind:

I will share what he said, then you will know the fatal secret:

He said, “For You, It is Infinity minus 1”, so now I have my Goals Set…