This year's OL comp

Well, I’m going to throw my hat in the ring and offer to run this year’s comp. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes so if you want to strut your stuff as an organiser please step forward. I was figuring after everyone milling around last year (myself included) waiting for something to happen that this is not really a coveted position.

I don’t have as much spare time as i did last year but I reckon I’ve got enough time to make this work. I had a brief message with CRX the other day and I hope he can help me to get started but once we get going i want to leave him alone so he can feel free to enter the comp if he wants.

One of the things that came up in conversation was the judging. I wasn’t privy to who the judges were last year or the detailed marking criteria. I have a suggestion for this year. Instead of a set judging group (and separate peoples choice awards) we could have an online survey setup towards the end of the comp that anyone and everyone who’s interested can fill out. It could be super simple , just tick a few boxes and points would be allocated accordingly. I realise such a system is open to manipulation but I think this forum is a pretty honest group so i’m not really worried about that. I do however have no idea how to set that up :person_facepalming:

Last year once CRX got rolling he was super organised and made an awesome comp. I won’t be at his level but that’s fine so long as we have a comp right? I’ll get my thinking cap on and start coming up with a plan. I haven’t thought at all about rules, categories at this point so will probably be much the same as last year.

Any input , suggestions , volunteers are welcome to post here :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it. I’m planning to participate this year.

Nice work pp. Love your energy and efforts. :+1:

yes, please.

Well thus far it looks like i’m gonna have free reign :smiling_imp:

Just give me a while to sort my shit and work out what i’m doing then i’ll start the comp. The sooner the better really, don’t want this to become a biannual event :stuck_out_tongue:

Great initiative. Thank you.

One suggestion that might merit some thought. Do you think that with the slow mail delivery world wide it seems, that making a 4 month contest period from opening date might be an idea worth considering?

Thanks for volunteering pinkpanda3310.

I think the survey voting is a good idea, but I do think it might be necessary to take some steps to prevent manipulation. BLF is a great community but it only takes one idiot to spoil the voting. There are probably a few ways it could be managed depending on the survey tool and what people are comfortable with.

I’m hoping this is the year I’ll finally get around to entering. :slight_smile:

An extra month would be an enormous help for me too. I can’t guarantee finishing either way though, since my wife is 37 weeks pregnant. I’ll give it my best, though.

Thanks pinkpanda for volunteering to take this over. You are what makes BLF awesome!

We can make it a 4 month comp I don’t have too much of an issue with that but just be aware that puts the end of comp right in the middle of silly season.

I’ve had a look in the O-L contest account and all i can say is if i was an accountant i’d want CRX as a client.