Thorfire BL 07 bike light

Thorfire, whose products I have been happy with, sent me their new BL 07 small bike light for review. The light is 0.8 x 2.0 inches. It has an XM-L2 emitter. Three settings of H, L, and strobe. The manual says 300 lumens on H, 120 on L, and 300 on strobe. Amazon rates it at 590 lumens on H? I find it to be brighter than 300 lumens. It comes with a 4400 mAh (2) 18650 cell battery pack, wall charger, and handlebar mount. It sells for $23 on Amazon and in my opinion this is a great buy! Cool white tint. I think this light would be plenty sufficient for normal riding like in the city. The cables are plenty long for setting up however you wish on your bike. The switch has a nice feel to it. Runtime on high is rated at 3 hours.
Couple of issues I have is that you must go thru H, L, strobe, to get back to off. And on mine the connection between the light head cable and the battery pack cable was not tight. Comes well packed in nice box with manual. I would recommend this light at only $23. Another nice offering by Thorfire!

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Thofire may need to check their pricing. A visually identical light was available under the brand securitying for$19. for at least a couple years. The bike attachment is terrible and does not work well if at all, with oversized handlebars (couldn’t use it on my road bike and it would barely fit on the MTB). The bezel didn’t include an ‘O’ ring so isn’t as water resistant as it should be, and the driver isn’t securely seated in the body because if i shake the wire where it enters the head, the light flickers (shorts). Other than noticeable PWM, it is a nice little light and produces an acceptable output (previously advertised as 500lm,) but, not worth $23 stock to me. WRT the connection between battery and light, press together firmly and it will snap together very securely. :slight_smile:

appreciate the tip on pressing the connectors together, it does take a firm press :slight_smile:

PWM on a bike light would drive me insane