Thorfire C8S facebook offer

I’m surprised no one posted about the offer from thorfireus coupon facebook page for the C8S. From the info provided it seems to be the newest version except it doesn’t have the ‘u shaped’ tail. At $8 each (including shipping) for US buyers it seemed like a good deal so I ordered two. I’m not a big fan of the C8 external design but since Thorfire is well respected and the price was good and payment via paypal I couldn’t pass on it.

I couldn’t find the coupon?

hmm yes, it links to their Amz US store but no coupon. :person_facepalming:

hmm yes, it links to their Amz US store but no coupon. :person_facepalming:


Well, with any luck, I’m in for 2. Thanks for the tip!

There are 10 pieces left. If you would like to purchase some, you could PM me or send message to for details.

10 lights? That’s what you said before I sent you payment for the invoice for 2.

When do they ship? :slight_smile:

I pm’ed you but didn’t get a response yet.

PM sent, also email to TFD, hope there are enough C8Ses left! :smiley:

Are you looking for more hosts?

PM Sent.

Depends. Can’t find any mention of the CT/tint of the emitter, so might need to warm it up. Also dunno the driver, if it has any annoying strobe modes that are too easy to get to. Otherwise, I might just leave them as-is, give as gifts, whatever. Keeping at least a couple for myself, of course. :smiley:

They’re nice lights, regardless.

I should know more about this deal by the end of the week. The facebook post said internally they are the same as the newest version but nothing about color temp. The last message I received on sunday said shipping was arranged with amazon and I should receive them within 5 days which would be friday or saturday depending on actual shipping date. At $8 each via paypal I thought they worth taking the chance and worth a post.

Kewl, tnx!

I need to expand my C8 Army™…

No tint/color temp options. I asked. However… the TK18 is suppose to be getting an XPL HI option… or so I was told…

Either way, even if Angry Blue™, it’d make a Hell of a nice host.

And the price is just icing on the cake. :smiley:

Can never have to many c8s. I have a c8 army myself, with x6s in reserves. I like to make matching sets of c8s and x6s. I gave my dedoned xpg2 c8 away I have to replace that one whenever I can. But next in line is c8s with the sst40 and luxeon v leds.

Did Thorfire contact you ? Haven’t heard anything.

I sent an email and got a response wanting my Paypal account name along with my address for shipping. I am expecting an invoice on my Paypal account but I haven’t received one yet. Still waiting. I just ordered one off Amazon a few days ago and thought at that price I would pick up a few extras for gifts.