ThorFire Cree XP-L2 TK15 At Amazon $8.96

Just got it today, yeah I also have scratchy tail cap, but cleaning and lubing did not help, there’s some anodizing missing from tail cap threads, beam has terrible brown/yellow donut hole in the center looks like a week old bruise, very noticeable indoors, not sure about this one.

Horrible beam and threads, may just send it back or use it as a beater, for $9 might not be worth the effort.

Is there a standard kind of lube for this application?

Suber lube is pretty good, silicon based

Just wondering if a bare spot on the tailcap threads will destroy the tube anodizing after awhile and what that will lead to?

I have used this for years.
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I cant seem to get a pic of this hot spot, but it honestly looks like your arm 3 days after someone punched you on it, :disappointed: . The e switch is much better seated then the TK05 I reviewed last week, I will probably never get the opportunity again to get a free light for review after bashing this one, but at least I’m being honest :smiley:

Dag. And here I was enjoying my TK05 and TK15.

Lol, there is no perfect light, most have some issues. Awhile back I got a brass pvd Olight s mini when there was a good sale on them. But I guess it got stains in the finish from sitting in the sealed box and foam holder for too long, been kicking myself for not sending it back for an exchange, and that one was like $40, so it gets a lot of use…still cant decide what to do with this TK15, I feel like the threads are just gonna get worse over time, but doubt Amazon will exchange it for the $9 price since coupon is expired, will only be able to get a refund.

here is pic you can see missing anodizing on both tube and tailcap

Guess I gotta send it back, really grinds badly

I was laughing when I made that reply.

I think I see how things work in the world of flashlights. Somebody here has a signature that says something about cutting up your credits cards and hiding your cash or you’ll spend it all on flashlights. I started out just trying to replace an old Coleman 75 lumen tactical, and ended up with a couple of Coasts, an O-light, a Glaree, a Wowtac A3S, and two Thorfires (not counting a few lights that I bought and sent back). And if I find a flaw in a Thorfire, what’s next? I was thinking this is the search for flashlight perfection, but I wonder if it’s more akin to addiction. I would never have guessed that a Coast flashlight (along with the “encouragement” of a certain flashlight forum) would be my gateway flashlight drug. The twisty end of that polysteel zoom was hard to turn with even two hands, so there had to be something better. And on the story went (or goes).

Regarding the hole in the center of the TK15 beam, I don’t have anything like that, unless it’s just too subtle for my old eyes to pick up. If you don’t want to bother with sending it back, you could always give it to some unsuspecting flashlight newbie and start him on the path to financial ruin.

Lol, yeah this is not a good hobby to be addicted to, I have lights coming out the wazoo…but I am returning this guy, there was no exchange option like I thought since it was a coupon/sale item so only option is return. The threads will only get worse over time, thinking they were cut improperly.

Too bad the one you got has these problems. I like the one I have other than the 3 things I mentioned upstream, and even those things are mostly minor. My beam profile has a defined hot spot (and no donut hole) and although it has a hint of green in it is fairly neutral (as compared to other lights I have). Anodizing is good and after cleaning and lubing it the tail cap screws down smoothly with no hint of grit.

I got mine about 6 months ago for a review I did but I wouldn’t think that would make a difference.


Got mine today. Like yours, beam profile on mine has a fairly defined hot spot without any holes, but there is lots of nasty green on the outside of the hotspot. And then the silver strike bezel seems to be casting multiple rings in the far outmost beam profile. So far I have not noticed any random blinky behavior, but I’ve only had it for an hour. Threads definitely benefited from some lube and I think they are OK now. Side switch seems nice, and it’s a good form factor - sits nicely in your hand, although I’d probably ditch the clip and get a lanyard for it instead.

All in all, I really can’t complain given the $9 price, although the beam pattern on my $10 VG-10 is much nicer (no green).

My attempt at a beam shot, about 1m from the wall, on high. WB manually set to 5000K. I think the picture makes it look worse than it really is. Maybe it’s just my crappy monitor.

That’s about exactly what I see but like you say it’s not really that bad in person.
For $9 bucks right to my door in 2 days, definitely worth it. The UI is very decent, it even has a good moonlight mode (press and hold from off).
I’m happy with it, especially the price.

Yep, the UI is quite good, actually.

Right now I’m testing to see if it does in fact give a blink LVP warning at 2.8V. I’m guessing it will not shut down at 2.8V, but keep running?

Keep us informed about what you find out.

You say that like it’s a bad thing…

“Gee, I can’t really give this as a gift… I guess I will just have to keep it!”