thorfire s70s xhp70.2 correct max current?

Hi! So I put an xhp70.2 in my s70s and bypassed the driver resistor with a piece of wire! On the multimeter mastech my74 I get around 9 amps but with a cheap 10A 100v ammeter of aliexpress for 1,78€ I get around 10,6A. What sort of amps do you think I should be getting? Can these readings be accurate? Which one is? I get around 4,6A on multimeter with blf a6 driver and xpl in c8 and with aliexpress ammeter I get about 5,6A. So the multimeter might show too low readings? Or then the cheap ammeter shows too high readings? Seems like the cheap ammeter gets more inaccurate on higher amps correct?

The XHP70.2 can withstand over 20 Amperes, delivering about 9,000 lumens. (Test of the XHP70.2 here)

But you have to ensure for the best possible cooling. In a flashlight this might be not always the case.

Such high currents like above 5 Amps or so are best measured with a non-contact clamp meter because the internal resistance of the multimeter and the wires can cause big differences of measured vs. real current.

yes, but what amps should I be getting with the resistor bypass? 8,9,10A? Which seems right?

A longer time ago I modded a Thorfire S70 (version without s) with 1st gen XHP70 LED, with bypassing of current resistors.
After this the S70 delivers about 5000 lumens and draws 9 A or so (at that time I didn’t measure the current) but I don’t know if the performance gain is equal to the S70s.

sounds about right then, I'm not sure but I think the s70s has a different driver

That was my Thorfire S70 :-).
Still works good, in next week i will try to reflow a XHP 70.2 and will try to measure the Lumen.

Oh cool, nice to hear that’s still alive. :slight_smile:
Would be interesting to hear your results. Do you have a clamp meter to measure the draw current on Turbo?

Sorry, i have no clamp meter. Could you recommend one, i am still searching for one.

I think many here uses the UNI-T UT210E.
Good and nice price.

Sure. I have the Uni-T UT210E, cheap, reliable and precise enough to measure currents of flashlights.
I got mine from Banggood a year ago (for 35 $ or so).

Edit: Lol I’m slower :slight_smile: