ThorFire TD26 Diving Light Review

I’ve compiled some diving footage with my thoughts on the ThorFire TD26.

There are far more technical in depth reviews and unboxings of this light available on this forum.

This review is intended as a diving specific look at the TD26.


Thanks JP for the review. Looks a bit scary down there fore me. :beer:

Thats got to be one of the best Dive Light reviews I’ve seen. Good Job!

Thanks for watching MRsDNF. The Sea lions can get frisky sometimes. :slight_smile: A bright light certainly helps.

Cheers RobertB. Lucky the visibility was awesome that day. Winter diving here on Vancouver Island is the best!

Just found this review "eight" months after it was posted! Anyway, WOW, what an awesome review. I got to see exactly how this dive light looks in real diving conditions, thanks! BTW, if you ever come back to this thread, would you mind posting what video camera and video lighting set up you used in your video? The quality of the video was stunning.

Hi Klrman. Thanks for watching! I shot the video with an Olympus omd em5mk2 and two itorch pro5 video lights. The vid lights are 1500 lumens each. Just helped with a pro video production crew last week shooting an octopus documentary. They were using a red epic in a gates housing….$65k and 6 keldan 6,000 lumen lights for 36,000L. Just a tad envious. :slight_smile: but that doesn’t really fit the “Budget”


Hey JP, thanks for the info. Your setup was just perfect for the review, I was really impressed with it and something I'll keep in mind when doing a dive. The octopus documentary should be real nice when it airs too. $65k is slightly above my budget but the whole thing sounds impressive.


Idk how u managed to get such good results sadly. Did buy 2 and broke after 2 days of use by leaking throught the front glass. (the product is discontinued according to thorfire, irrelevant to the issue from my knowlenght. Was going to buy more but they were not gonna restock… Before i had tested them) and was sold with priceoff before it did runout

Been using sofirn instead with much better result (they also make thorfires other good scuba light “td34”/”s1”)