ThorFire TG06 (1 x AA/14500 | XP-G2 R5) vid review

tl;dr - very good budget friendly light, just not for those who are sensitive to PWM or looking for crazy output w/14500's.

Good review, too bad about the PWM, I still might pick one up.

When I see this description on Amazon, does this mean they incorporated your suggestions now?

Updated ThorFire TG06 flashlight!Cree LED, MAX 254 - 300LM. High/Low/Mid Modes, Always start at High
Tactical tail switch for flexible mode selections, momentary ON and brightness adjustment

Well done video review. Thanks for posting.

Sorry for late reply, not getting notifications for new posts for some reason. As for the update, I wouldn’t necessarily say that it was attributed to solely my feedback, might just be part of their continual product upgrades but glad to see the improved output.

Thx and you’re welcome!

I have a number of these lights and what you state is the way they come through now. I have one per vehicle with Li primaries installed in that role. The rest have 14500s installed since they won’t contact heat.

With AA Li or NiMh the light is frankly, unimpressive as far as output. But put a 14500 into it and the light achieves full potential. The way it’s presently produced it would make a pretty decent tactical light with it’s “forward clicky comes on in high mode all the time” UI. Thorfire hasn’t changed the build quality from the original review. I’ve had one on a “keyring carabiner” (a real climbing carabiner, not a faux carabiner) for awhile now and it’s holding up nicely against all of my keys and the carabiner. I throw them around and generally don’t care about how I treat them.

I’m not sensitive to PWM so it’s not an issue for me and I didn’t even test it for that. I just did and I suspect that it has a relatively high frequency; the PWM is definitely there. I have no way to test for that other than to wave my hand in front of the beam. Again, I’m not sensitive to it unless it’s really terrible.

The purpose of the light isn’t to be throwy, and in keeping with that, the beam, while it does have a central hot spot, smoothly integrates into the overall spill to produce a decent flood. The hotspot is easily seen and there. Taking it outside it lights up my backyard and is usable beyond 50 yards. It’s a nice compromise.

After 5 minutes on high the head does get quite warm and passes that on to the entire light.

With the long term emergency Li primaries installed that configuration achieves the intended “put it in the glove box and forget about it” status as an emergency light and takes up very little room in the glovebox and it’s good enough for changing a tire or for walking a few miles in rural Maine if that’s required. With a Li-ion in it I quite like it for moving around the house late at night w/o turning on the house lights while it’s in it’s dimmest mode. It’s small, bright, rugged, with good build quality. I like it and I’m impressed by it. Oh, and it definitely won’t break the bank; I think I paid near $20 for my TG06s.

BTW, if anyone wants side by each beam shots NiMh vs Li-Ion, against a wall, I can do that. The difference is night and day. Just let me know. Or just take my word for it. Even the wife saw the difference immediately.