Thorfire TG06S Lightening Deal Starting 11:40 AM, Jun 6 - NOW OVER

Thorfire TG06S 14500 Flashlight. There is also a $3.00 coupon. Current price is $16.50. Hopefully the price will be $10.00 or less with the coupon and discount. This is my favorite EDC flashlight. See BLF discussions at:

Review for Thorfire TG06S

NEW ThorFire TG06S review

[REVIEW] Thorfire TG06S (yep another one)

Update: Just purchased one for $9.79.

Update: Deal is now over.

Just be aware you may have to remove the head and realign the reflector to re-center the led (it was misaligned upon arrival, QA-QC could use some work).

I had to do this to one I ordered from amazon a few months back.

Hi ActiveA1 …I’m only seeing the $16.50 price with the $3 coupon. Might I be missing something?


LeftWing, Amazon Lightening Deals typically last no more than about five hours.

Thanks. Sometimes work just gets in the way of everything.