Thorfire TG06S

Anybody still sell these for reasonable prices? The JAXMAN E3 looks the same / is a clone but pretty pricey.

Check Alonefire stores in AliExpress :wink:
They still have it and other lights as the Sofirn SF10 Model :wink:

BTW, the “new” version of the TG06 (that was an original model from Jaxman) is the Jaxman E3! :wink:

Found it, they have loads of lights! Branded as the X380, do you know if it’s the updated version?

Sorry, are you saying the TG06 is the copy or the E3?

Edit: just discovered the latest version is the TG06S, thread title updated.

Yup, they have lots and some of them look nice enought to give it a try :wink:

About this TG06 version (not the TG06S), please check the post#1 from this thread, by jaxman: The new Jaxman E3 flashlight comes in the new year
So, that version of the TG06 is a copy of the 1st version of jaxman’s E3. The current one is different and is probably one of the best hosts I have!!

Also, in case you wanna check some more of these lights on AE, search for CASTNOO, and you’ll see some more of these hosts :wink:

Thanks! I’m on the hunt for hosts for gCharts Joule driver. The Convoy T2 is ok but think I’d prefer the TG06(S) for the anti-roll.

But what you’re saying is I should really get the latest E3 instead? :person_with_crown:

I thought you might be doing that, I am also thinking of that :smiley:
For that “kind of light”, I guess that host will be good enough :wink:
I’m still thinking about what I will prefer in terms of host. I was more inclined to the other light (like the Sofirn SF10), but I still have some time to make my mind ! :+1:

Well, the thing is: not having the TG06 or TG06s host, I find the jaxman E3 a great host! It is heavy, it is robust, it allows better modding (it has integrated shelf, removable SS bezel, and the driver is hold by a retaining ring).

I like it a lot and along with the Convoy T2 that I also like a lot for the same reasons, it is a great host for a light that must “last forever”!!
This is what I did do mine : What did you mod today? - #7136 by MascaratumB

It handles some beats :wink:

The jaxman is more expensive than the T2, but both are threaded alike, and apart from the “anti-rolling” part, they are great hosts!!

Just looking through your posts! I see you mention the anti-roll doesn’t really work though and just delays it! The E3 does look nice and have wanted one on and off for a while but the T2 host is less than half the price…

I can’t really compare them now to check again the rolling, but as far as I remember, that was the thing, it delayed rolling. With a lanyard attached or a screw-in clip, you can avoid the rolling on both lights, though.
The jaxman E3 can take one of those “normal” screw-in clips like those sold by Convoy, without changing the lanyard holes. The T2, however, has less space, so you’d need to modify the host or the clip to make it fit well.

You can’t go wrong with any of those :wink:

I own both a TG06S and a Jaxman E3.

The hosts are similar, but I have the new version E3 so there’s definitely some differences. As a complete light, I’d definitely recommend the E3; even as a host, I’d recommend the new E3 due to the stainless steel bezel.

If you have the opportunity, please buy from Jaxman:
He’s just one dude, making lights his way, and the E3 is not the first light of his that has been ripped off. (Infamously the “Cometa” is a copy of the Jaxman Z1.)

hodor, in the last hours I’ve been searching “hosts” for the AA flashlights with gchart’s drivers.

I ran into many of those available and I arrived to 3 conclusions:

1 - for the 17mm drivers, I believe that the Convoy T2 (and copies/rebranded models, such as Manta Ray or Dancelite) will probably be the best host and the “cheapest” (~12-13€).

2 - the Alonefire X360 (similar to Sofirn SF10) and X380 (similar to the jaxman/ thorfires) will follow the T2. I bought an X360.

3 - for the 15mm driver, I am almost sure that the Lumintop Tool AA will be one of the best hosts, even if the driver need to be adpated to the pill, and it is one of the chapest. (well, in case we want a tailswitch, and not a cheappo twisty).

The T2 and the Alonefires are bigger but they can become almost “indestructible”, capable of taking a good beat.
The Tool AA, is thinner, smaller, but we also know it has good quality.

There are other brands with “nice” hosts, but some are more expensive and others don’t inspire me so much trust: Hugsby (the real ones), Nextorch, NiteKing, Ultrafire, Uniquefire, Supfire, Skywolfeye,

Just wanted to share my ideas with you, seen that we’ll soon have those “projects” in hands! :+1:

Thanks! That’s pretty much what I found as well. T2 is probably what I’ll get for 17mm. Simon mentioned a slimmer AA to take 15mm drivers so I may hold out for that.

I quite like the idea of a twisty as well but couldn’t find any I like.

I still need to look into sourcing the parts to see if it’s viable otherwise I’ll buy direct.

Edit: Aren’t the new Tools glued or am I thinking of something else?

Last year I bought 2 of them:

They were cheap, but they weren't any good. 40 lumens max?

I gave them to my kids, who play with them in their bedroom.

They actually now have 6 flashlights in their room.. :D

Thanks for the info. T2 looks like the best bet! Will be mostly used by / gifted to younglings so definitely good enough.

Be careful! Simon sells two versions of the T2. The old one with AA support only, Ánd the new one with AA/14500 support.

We’re talking about just the hosts so the driver’s not a problem. Thanks for the warning though.

Another AA host worth to consider is Yupard Q5, made of stainless steel so it’s virtually indestructible (but heavy).

Please note that there’s a 18650 version of it (with 15mm driver!).

I think it’s also available in other brands and name, for instance Ultrafire C3 Stainless.

Today I received the Alonefire X360 I mentioned above.
It is very similar to the Sofirn SF10, uses Neutral White XP-G2, driver is 17mm, with retaining ring. OP reflector
The physical lock-out is not possible (as it wasn’t with the SF10).
Modes are H > M > L > ML , all with PWM. Strobe is possible with double click.
Being a sturdy light, it will be a nice host for one of gchart’s drivers. :+1:
(click for bigger image)

Hey MB, thanks for the update! It does look like a solid host. I was tempted to get the Jaxman but honestly kinda flashlighted out from the recent delays in shipping and FW1A switcheroo.