ThorFire TK01 - AAA keychain light

First... I was compensated for the purchase price of this light in exchange for a review. This review is my own opinions and the only way ThorFire can change what I think of the light is to change the light!

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First: It's cheap and small. Actually, this light was smaller than I expected, so that's where I'll start. This light is 2.75 inches long, or about 70mm. My only other single-AAA light is a Streamlight Microstream (which I'll use for comparison throughout this review), which is 3.6 inches or about 91 mm in length. So going into this, I was ready to hate the light. My experience of single-AAA lights just left me feeling like I'd rather get a AA light for the extra life. We're talking almost three times the runtime from AA vs AAA, and for my uses negligible size increase. Well, I opened the box and I was surprised. The thing is small. I quickly grabbed my MicroStream and sure enough, this thing is way shorter. The difference is less than an inch, but it completely changes the use case for the flashlight for me. It takes us out of pocket-carry where the Microstream lives and into actual "clip-to-anything" range. My place of employment also sells the Streamlight Keymate, which uses three LR44/357/etc. batteries, which can retail as high as $4 each, and it's only down at 2.36 inches in length (we won't get into the 10 lumens). So this is real keychain or zipper-clip material. Completely changes my impression of what single-AAA lights can be.

Let me also go on and say this just basically destroys my Microstream in every way, with the possible exception of a pocket clip. The most useful way I've seen a Microstream used was clipped to a ball cap, and that's the one thing this TK01 won't do. But otherwise, who cares. It's so small it disappears. So to start, it's cheaper than the Microstream. $13.69 for retail is nice (prime shipped yadda yadda), while a Microstream carries the Streamlight brand tax and retails as high as $19.99, sitting at $17.99 on amazon as of this writing. (There's a rechargeable version too that's over $30, but that's a completely different class/territory/ballgame so we won't discuss it here. Besides, I'm not sure I want a rechargeable cell quite that small...) The light is brighter than my Microstream, and actually competes with my ProTac 1AA. Next, the tint is very nice. It's neutral and 5000k as best as I can tell. It actually matches my D4 nicely (if not quite as bright ). The streamlight has some sort of cold 6000+K beam as you'd expect if you know them. I don't think the CRI is very good either, but I have no data for that. I was also ready to hate the twisty-style switch on the TK01, but I don't. I actually really like it. After thirty seconds I was completely used to turning it on one-handed. If you've ever used a Microstream, you know the switch is very hard to press. I own mine because I tried to give it to my better half, and she rejected it completely because it was too difficult to use. Also, the twist-end is captive (the battery loads at the opposite end), so you won't lose or drop the head like you could on a Maglite Solitaire (which this light is also shorter and brighter than!).

I uh. I actually like this light, and I didn't expect to ever really be saying that about a single AAA light. I'd readily recommend this over the similarly priced Maglite or the more expensive Streamlight. Actually, this is now my go-to keychain light recommendation below the rechargeable category (which is like $30+). My only advice to ThorFire would be to put out some cute colors, fast. Pink, Red, Blue to get on kids' backpacks and in women's purses.

Also: The following are a few one-time use 40% off codes, provided to me by ThorFire. Once they no longer work, that's it. Enjoy:


Thanks! Ordered another one!

Unfortunately it looks like the TK01 is only available from Amazon US at the moment.

I’m hoping it will turn up on Amazon AU or AliExpress soon (ideally with a 40% off coupon too!)

Had to give it a try with the 40% off coupon code. Thanks! The Thorfire TK01 must be new because I couldn't find it on BangGood. Thorfire is a BangGood brand right?

Skinny_tie, it will probably be available from BangGood soon at a discounted price.

just tried all 3 promo codes…all not valid :frowning:

at least, they don’t work for me…

Here’s a pic (I always like a picture with a review).

Might be used up! There's also a 15% off promo on (US) amazon running currently. The codes were one-time, sorry.