Thorfire "Upgraded" PF 04 review

EDIT: (10/13/16) received a discount code from Thorfire on this light tonight and was asked to post that in the forum. Code is good for $5.99 off the regular price CODE 4R785VAD and link to light HERE

I received the Thorfire PF-04 from Thorfire as one of the fifty they had asked for to do reviews on the new “upgraded” version. The light itself was sent free of charge , although I did pay the shipping cost which were not that much ($5.62 I think it was). As always , free or full priced I try to give my honest opinion when I review a light so here goes……

I did not mention in the video portion of the review that I already have the first or “original PF04” , the first revision of it and now this new “upgraded PF04” These lights are not made to be modding incase any of you are wondering about that , as they are glued well. I did manage to get this one apart and back together in working order though with some coaxing , but I do not advise taking these lights apart at all.
As always with Thorfire the light arrived very well packaged , with it in a bubble wrap sleeve and that inside the cardboard box and well padded and that was inside a padded mailing envelope. The threads were well lubed , but not overly , as I have seen on some lights. I did mention the switch is not as stiff on the Upgraded model as my last model , but it is still stiff enough it should prevent accidental switching in the pocket. This version also has mode memory and goes to the last used mode when turned on and the modes are moon or (low) then medium and high. I did not notice any PWM to my eye or in the camera either one.
It may have already been noted also in a prior review (s) the threads are anodized so about 1/8 to 1/4 turn will let you “lock out” the light.
I think I covered most everything else in the video with the still shots or teardown (slide portion of video) and the outside shining around as well as one beamshot 3 feet from wall , just to show the beam profile. (which is a very smooth beam)

The video followed by the listed specs………… (you may have to click where it says “Youtube” at the bottom of the video screen after the video starts , to watch full screen) as I have had a problem with the full screen function lately.

Price at time of review $19.99
Upgraded Version. Very compact and lightweight pen flashlight for indoor outdoor everyday carry.
• Extremely bright as mini AAA flashlight: CREE XP-G2 R5 LED gives out MAX 210 lumens
• PF04 flashlight has Multi function 3 brightness levels: Moonlight(0.5LM) - Mid(50LM) - High(210LM) with memory, step down from High to Mid in 3 min to save juice.
• Waterproof PF04 LED flashlight. IPX-8 waterproof, submersible up to 2m. Not for diving.

I had an email asking me about this light the other day and I can not find that email nor can I remember who it was.

I apologize for that first of all.
I have been running back and forth to the Hospital almost everyday as wifes Grandma has been in critical condition since 10-7-16 and it is almost 100 miles one way , so I have been worn out.

Anyway this is just a bump for the review on the upgraded PF04 to get it seen again and I hope whoever it was sees this.
Link to PF04 HERE Also a new promotional code for $5.99 off , use code ……… 4R785VAD

thanks for a great review

You are Welcome……Always glad to do the reviews caramba.

Received this light for review from Thorfire and did a review on Amazon for it… Very much love the light and think it’s great. However my pocket clip broke after only a couple weeks use. Not the actual “clip” portion, but the wrap around that goes around the light itself.

Very strange, as I do not abuse my lights… Can’t say it didn’t get snagged on something and I didn’t notice, but still kinda weird. Wonder where I can get a replacement clip to fit it???

You can try this TF group, otherwise you can PM Thorfire, and keep us posted if you were able to find one.

I ordered one of these quite a long time ago and it arrived and worked for about three or four days and then just died….I probably should have followed up to see about getting a replacement, but never did.

Was a pretty nice light while it lasted. Bit bummed that it died.

ThorFire has an 18 month warranty. If you’re within that time frame, send them an email. I had a PF04 that I carried daily for several months until the switch died. ThorFire replaced it with the newer (hopefully improved) PF04 without question after I sent them a video showing the switch didn’t work. I’ve only been carrying the new PF04 for a few days, but so far I’m impressed with the performance. I’m also a fan of the warmer LED in the newest PF04.