ThorFire VG10 Deal

ThorFire has the VG10 with discount now,link: ;$35.99 - $13 w/ promotional code JKJRGAJ3 = $22.99. Shipping is free!
Also available from ThorFire & More via Amazon:
ThorFire VG10 (flashlight only), link: ; $26.99 - $13 w/ promotional code JKJRGAJ3=$13.99
ThorFire 2pcs 18650 Battery and Charger for LED Flashlights, link: ; $19.99 - $4 w/ promotion code PR4UDWWT=$15.99

Great deal on a solid light, thanks Thorfire!

Really like the Amazon ordering as well, very fast…

Would it not be nicer to potential customers outside the USA if ThorFire added a few words that it was not ment for them?

The amazon link didn’t work for me, but I searched and found it.

Awesome price, If I saw this flashlight for $13.99 at walmart I’d buy it in a heartbeat! :smiley:


Can you tell us when this promotion will expire?

The moon mode on these is very good. All around a solid light, while the high is not as bright as a FET driver, it is still plenty bright and the light is easily moddable if you want to swap emitters or drivers.

+1 on this.
Thorefire, you have every right to sell to the US only but please put it out there for everyone not in the US. Thanks.

Love this light and bought 4 from banggood in the past. I wish the tail cap have knurling for grips.

Do you have Neutral White led? If yes then I’ll get 3 more and I’m sure people from BLF will like NW tint too :slight_smile:

Hi. Your deal says “shipping is free” but when I tried to buy the $35.99 flashlight the code reduced the price by $13 but then Amazon added $6.87 for shipping to California. ?

raven38571 posted this deal today in deal alerts. VG10 on amazon for $19.99 with code minus $13.00, light is only$ 6.99. I just bought one but had to pay shipping( don’t have prime) which got total to $13.71 Not a bad deal if you want one.

Deleted my thoughts on this thread…

Thanks again Thorfire for such a good offer.

I just wanted to say I had a problem with a Thorfire light that I bought on Amazon which stopped working a couple months later. I emailed them and told them the situation and I took pictures and took amp measurements to try and verify what was wrong. In the end they didnt even ask for any info and sent me a new unit within a week (seems like they have a pdc on the west coast). Real stand up dudes, anyway I have this light too and it’s in my daily driver.

Deal has expired :frowning: sold out of the flashlight only. They still have the deals on the package.

;)Thanks,we got no Neutral white for now,and the deal is over due to hot selling. We will keep posting the new deal on BLF.

Thanks for your message,we will discuss about this with our sales apartment. :slight_smile:

Overall, have to agree with 2-26350-P91. Very nice light. Will be replacing the forward clickie switch with a reverse clickie. That will make the UI just about perfect. Mode spacing and levels are great. Hot spot is a bit too dedefined for my taste. Need to see if there is something going on with the isolation ring.

Thank you Thorfire for an incredible deal. :slight_smile:

RegMan, for me, it’s a matter of the proper use of English and being considerate to everyone when posting a ‘sale’ thread. If the deal applies to US shipping address only, it should be stated in the thread title just the same way someone selling a light to Europeans only SHOULD state that in their thread title.

Deleted my last entry. Already forgotten what it was all about.