Thorfire VG10 Review

I am reviewing the Thorfire VG10 (video review), (newest version) sent to me by Thorfire for review.

First a couple of things I did not get in the video,

The switch is forward clicky with memory. The Bezel IS made of steel and not aluminum. The light does have a clip but is hard to use if the cigar holder is in place, (although clip works fine without cigar holder) You may notice the reflector has a slight rippled look inside, this does not seem to affect the beam at all during regular use, as it is a smooth beam. In the wall shots there is a little ringyness, this also is not noticeable in regular use. The star sits on an integrated shelf (not sure of thickness) with thermal paste under the star, It DOES seem to move the heat out well though. There are lots of extra parts that came with this light, lanyard, spare O-rings, extra AR lens, extra switch assembly and rubber boot, everything is pictured in the slide portion of the video but thought I would mention that this all came with the light. Also has a 3000mah battery with it, and charger. Everything was very well packaged as also shown in slide portion.

The video, and then under that the manufacturers specs.

$26.99 for light , holster and cigar holder /or $35.99 for full kit with free shipping for either at time of this review.

Purchase after April 23th, and you will receive Contents: Upgraded VG10 flashlight, one 3000mAh 18650 protected battery installed, charger. ThorFire VG10 flashlight, with tactical switch for momentary on and MAX 847 Lumen output, is a great light for camping, hiking, cycling, hunting, Everyday Carry for general usages.
• Besides the Ultra bright max output, ThorFire VG10 also has <0.5LM moonlight mode for reading; checking on the baby in the crib; trying to illuminate/signal something without wanting to be seen from further away (tactical applications); illuminating something without ruining your night vision; working in a light sensitive environment (dark room, biology labs etc).
• Compared with flashlights over $100, VG10 flashlight also has high quality but affordable price
• Compared with cheap-made lights, our VG10 is more functional and reliable, and we offer great customer service,: if you received DOA or defective items, contact us, you’ll have your money back and a brand new one.
• 4 brightness levels: High/Mid/Low/Moonlight, NO STROBE MODE! The flashlight will memorize the last used (more than 3 seconds) brightness level. The next time you turn the flashlight on, it will activate on the last used output
We upgraded our product again! New VG10 has tactical grip ring, battery is 3000mAh protected 18650 battery, charger with plug!

Key Features
LED: Cree XM-L2 LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.
Dimensions: approx 5.28(Length) * 1(Body Diameter) * 1.28inch(Head Diameter).
Aircraft quality aluminum body structure.
Waterproof to IPX-8 standard
Forward tail switch for momentary-on.
Comes with one 3000mAh 18650 battery(installed) & charger and . Also compatible with two CR123A batteries.

Output Selection

Method1: When the light is off, half press the tail switch to cycle the brightness level in the order of High-Mid-Low-Moonlight.
Method2: Click to change modes (Interval between two clicks should be less than 2 seconds).

Nice review, I would have to agree that it is a very good combo light with a spot/flood beam. I got mine back in June. With the products I got from Thorfire and other reviews ive seen they have real good quality builds.

Does your light have noticeable high frequency noise while on medium mode? or sometimes on low? On the one received, that was the only con for me. I also read about it in FlashLion’s review too.

Yes I did notice the noise on medium only, but it is very low and has to be really quiet to hear it on mine.

Thanks for replying back, same as mine then. Still, a great light for the price! Is the beam shot test area part of your land or is it some place else? If it’s your land, that looks like a sweet place!

Nice threads on that light. ThorFire sure has got their stuff together. Convoy and ThorFire are my favorite quality budget lights.

The land belongs to a neighbor, I just have permission to go over there and it is only like 50 yards to the start of it from my house.

I’m looking forward to their new product the VG11 or was it VG16 lol

the new one is the VG15, looks pretty solid. I might have to grab me one. Robo, have you gotten a sample of that one yet?

one on the way they contacted me yesterday.

Nice review. They get better every time. :slight_smile:

Thx I have a good teacher I guess?

Great video! The light looks great. Thank you!