Thoughts about the Maha PowerEx MH-C808M Charger for NiMH? Anyone ever use it?

As the topic states, I am asking for thoughts and /or opinions on the Maha PowerEx MH-C808M NiMH charger that I found on amazon for about $100?

Reviews say that it “melted” some say that it’s good as day one. I can’t find much about it especially on YouTube and from what I’ve read……. it’s a pretty old charger.

If anyone has ever had one can you let me know if it’s any good and if it actually does what it says it does?

Thought I’d mention that I am NOT wanting to charge any kind of li-ion cell in this charger! Simply NiMH as I go through those A LOT. All my gadgets at home (3 D lanterns for camping, maglite, tv remotes, boom boxes, battery powered fans etc….).
Much appreciated!

Mike :slight_smile:

I have one and have no complaints - works just fine. I did not use it very intensively though, as I use analyzing charger more: C9000

Normal usage is 8 batteries charging together - when taking pictures with 3 external flashlights at once. As I said - no complaints - charging as intended, no melting or anything else.

Ok thanks yasenf :slight_smile:
I need/wanted it for the ability to charge some Tenergy Centura D batteries mostly for my 3D Husky light and a Maglite that I have, but don’t use those as much as my other D powered toys.

Does the “soft” charge actually discharge and recharge like it says it does? I seen the C9000 but needed something for my D size. Centuras have been charging on my Miboxer C4-12 for 8 hours and 20 minutes now from “0%” charge on them.

So far at 88% charge they are at 7974mAh out of the claimed 8000mAh (according to the charger) 1.43V each.

Thanks for responding. Should have it today the Maha

I meant the conditioning function, not soft charge sorry.

Hi, never used this function on that charger - I just use it for regular charging. Here is the description from the website: “The charger makes use of a deep battery conditioning system that charges, deep-discharges, and then recharges batteries automatically, whipping them into shape to ensure that they provide the best possible performance”

I use this function on C900 and very rarely - yes it charges, discharges and recharges again - I guess with attempt to remove any memory. And yes, it takes forever for AA, gues with D cells should be much longer. If I remember correctly Maha recommended conditioning once every 10 normal charges.

Soft charge is just slow charge I think - also never used it.

I will set up now my charger with 8 AA batteries and will let you know once it finishes this conditioning.

Edit: Just found out mine is C801D - not sure what the difference is mine is not able to charge bigger cells, while the model from the link can charge up to D cells. Besides this I see no other difference in specs. Anyway, conditioning started.

Ok. I just got my Maha all set up and have my brand new Ds in there. I started the soft charge but took all the batteries out, then put them back in. That starts the rapid charge correct? I think so if I read the instructions correctly.

I might get the C9000 after a month or two. Get caught up on my bills. I have some EBL AAs that are a few years old. I really should condition them huh? Like 4 years old.

And thanks for your help

Ok I’m not sure either. No worries. This 808M is bigger than I thought it would be lol.

Edit: I THINK the only difference is the 808 charges Ds also. I seen a YouTube video about the different maha chargers.

Don’t quote me on that though.

Yeah that’s what I heard too. Same stuff other than not being able to do the larger cells.

The MH-C808M is the definitive charger for charging many high-capcity C- and D-cell NiMHs and NiCDs all at once correctly and in a short period of time. It has been on the market since 2005. There are some very long threads on CPF about them.


  1. more than four c- or d-cells at the same time, up to eight
  2. all cells charge individually
  3. cells can’t be overcharged
  4. cells have ample room which keeps them cooler (no fan needed)
  5. perfect charge currents for all cells except AAAs (low charge current for AAAs is too slow)
  6. correctly charges high-capacity d-cells with 8-11Ah (some chargers stop at some arbritary capacity)

In contrast to many other chargers the cells don’t get hot when charging.

Some downsides:

  1. The unit is very large (but not heavy) and also has a laptop sized, specialized power brick.
  2. The power brick has a special connector and supplies two different voltages at the same time
  3. The display has a very bright, white backlight that does not turn off and can’t be turned off manually either (might be too bright for the bedroom for example)
  4. It does not measure the capacity of the batteries
  5. The discharging function is very slow when using high-capacity c- & d-cells
  6. The low/mode always applies to all charging cells at the same time it can’t be chosen individually
  7. if the power goes out momentarily the charger will forget the current charge/cycle settings and start charging with the default mode (fast charge)

I’ve been using my Maha PowerEx MH-C808M since 2011 and it hasn’t burnt itself up or destroyed any of my C or D NiMH batteries yet.

I probably use it 6 to 10 times a year.

About the only gripe I have is the DIN plug on the power supply cord, Although I’ve never roached that particular one, I’ve had problems with others in the past, though almost always my fault for rushing, not being careful, yadda yadda… I’ve gotten in the habit of putting a dot of colored nail polish on all my dedicated DIN plugs and on the bodies of the devices they plug into to highlight proper orientation, and have had fewer problems since.

As for the reliability of Maha chargers in general, I also have a MH-C800S, MH-C801D, MH-C9000 and MH-C490F and have had no problems with any of them. Regardless of the capabilities of the newer dual chemistry NiMH/Li-ion chargers, I still usually use my Mahas for charging NiMH cells.

I don’t really mind the size or the backlight because it’s on my kitchen counter (opposite side of the sink). That DIN plug was annoying to get in. Good thing I read up on this thing.

The Driver…. That’s the main reason I got this charger. I have quite a few large C and D powered lights and devices. The Miboxer C4-12 wasn’t cutting it for me. Too slow.

I also only have one AAA light/object that I use the Thorfire TA13. I use mostly 18650 in that though.

Do I really need to use the slow charge function on the C and D size bats?

No, always use the fast charge function for alle battery sizes except maybe AAs. The end of charge detetction of NiMHs works more reliabaly at higher currents. So it’s basically the oppotisite compared to Li-Ion charging where slower is better.


No, always use the fast charge function for alle battery sizes except maybe AAs. The end of charge detetction of NiMHs works more reliabaly at higher currents. So it’s basically the oppotisite compared to Li-Ion charging where slower is better.

Okie dokie thanks :slight_smile:
I know Eneloops are the go too AA NiMH right now, but I have some older EBL “2800mah” AA NiMH that are heavily used for a few years now.

Should I condition those?

I’ve never had a charger with that option.

I did that quote thing wrong The_Driver. My bad.

I would try it if their performance has deteriorated.

Probably the best place you can inform yourself is battery university .

I actually just read that last night! Lol. I fell asleep last night with my 6x AA powered Husky flashlight on as a nightstand light sense I don’t have a lamp in my bedroom. Woke up and it was still kicking. Not sure if it was as bright as it was at night

Obviously cuz light shines brighter in the dark. That’s my little saying. I’m sure these flashohalics have some kind of tool to measure brightness during the day maybe?

I’ll go ahead and condition them when my Ds are finished.