Thread oil/grease for non-anodized threads?

I know Superlube and nyogel are popular synthetic lubricants for anodized threads. Unfortunately, my collection includes a Klarus light with non-anodized threads. Apparently silicone lubricants do nasty things to bare aluminum, so I was wondering which oil or grease you guys use for these applications.

I use Tri-flow PTFE lube on bare threads. I actually got it for using on my bike, but this stuff has tons of other uses. I have not noticed ant o ring damage from it over the years.

On anodized threads I use sil-glyde brake lubricant. Already had a tube of it and I have used it on tool threads before. Works great, super smooth.

DeoxIT is conductive and works well. Though cheap dielectric greases are still fine for luricating signal passing threads.

Edit: NoOxId is what I use I always get these two mixed up. :person_facepalming:


I use silicon on all my threads, even the un anodized ones like my early dgq 18650 which has really fine threads.
Ive not noticed any issues, what sort of damage is it ment to cause ?

I use sil-glyde on all my lights. I haven’t seen any ill effects on either anodized, or bare threads. It turns gritty threads to butter. It’s high temp, doesn’t damage o-rings, and is available at any Autoparts store. It is not exactly BLF, but I bought it for other purposes, originally. No-Ox is likely more suited for this particular use.