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Ok, everytime I click on " SAiK SA-305 (parallel 3xAA) arrived from LT " by Vectrex, I only see is his 1st post but it is blank. All I see is this and nothing else. Not even any of the other 6 or so posts show up. All the other threads work just fine. Any ideas?

SAiK SA-305 (parallel 3xAA) arrived from LT

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Wed, 11/03/2010 - 09:09
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I just checked: Firefox - fine , Opera -fine, Internet Explorer - messed up.... but I have no idea why... I will look into it... someone else have an idea what is causing this behavior... maybe an external link again?

Should work now... try it again, please.

flash player update perhaps?

No, there was something in my text that messed up the post for IE users ... but it should be fixed now... I used some duct tape ;-)

Weird effects... as soon as I change something ... it's broken again... maybe too many pictures?

Is the "duct tape" object something new in HTML5 - I can't see it in the list for HTML4.


Apparently I used some kind of flash object in my original text... it wasn't shown in FF... but when I edited the post in IE there was a rectangle with a "F" symbol.... weird stuff

Maybe I accidentally pulled the flash player update notification in the

Thanks Vectrex! It works just fine now. It was kinda weird because all the other threads worked just fine. Now I can catch up on your thread. Smile