Three mode C10 XM-L from Meritline?

Anyone have one of these?

Black -

Silver -

Some of the pics of the black one show an Ultrafire SS-C10-5 model, but that doesn't match the three mode XM-L @750 lumens description. I ordered a silver one for the hell of it, can't go too wrong for $14.99 shipped. If it really is an XM-L at ~2.8A with OK build quality, bonus.

When you get it tell us. Post some pics please.

C10 is pretty much a C8 but with a deeper reflector, right? This is a great do I pass this up?

Did Meritlines server crash from everyone here clicking the links or what?

aghh - black now showing currently unavailable

Yes the reflector of the C10 is deeper.

I've got an UniqueFire C10 XM-L T6 (Direct-Driven) that arrived yesterday from ManaFont, and it's a PURE THROWER!

This shop possible to entrust?

on photo,XRE

A gray LED? :)

This exactly not XML:))

Found this :

I'm not sure should i place the order or not because the picture show an XR-e like Zulus mention

Can be better to elaborate in shop ?

no led is gray...that looks like a black and white picture to me, there's no color to what the reflector is showing either

i'll let you know in 3 weeks;)

i might give them a call when they open the shop.

I was kidding, since they sell a XM-L flashlight and show pictures of a black and white xr-e

ah ok, probably just lazy, or at least I hope so, maybe i'll call them

Took a chance. Ordered the silver one. Couldn't resist for $14.99.

screw it, just called an cancelled. decided to order an emitter and upgrade a light instead. if you get it, let us know, maybe i'll reorder...

C10 with XM-L T6: