Thrower flashlights compared • 2018-2019

The image shows a detail of the monumental aviary in the gardens of Palazzo Borghese in the homonymous Roman villa.
Flashlights and camera were at a distance of about 300m from the subject. With the light off the scene was completely dark.
All the photos are intentionally underexposed of 1 stop so that the whole “mosaic” was not unbalanced towards the brightest photos. The test, in fact, is not very useful to evaluate a single flashlight but it is rather a comparative test to evaluate the difference between one flashlight and another.

VN versions:
TN42vn ➞ XHP35 HI 6500K 775Kcd 1760m Throw:
BLF-GTvn ➞ CFT-90 6500K 1.5Mcd, 2450m Throw

Aside form the completely washed-out detail with the Lemax in the center, other than the slight difference in hot spot brightness I have a hard time seeing much else. Maybe the same grouping without the zoom would put each light in better context.

Wow, very nice comparison :+1: .
I think everyone must view it in at least 24 inch monitor to appreciate the work.

How much you pay for the Lemax?

Three years ago I paid for the Lemax $3200 with a spare battery (+$260). Unfortunately I could not buy directly from Lemax but through an Italian vendor. I think that now the price is a little decreased.

I find amazing that the stock Astrolux MF04 is as bright if not brighter than the modded BLF GTvn! :open_mouth:

Do you have a link to the website that has these photos?

Oof. A little out of my budget, but I would love to have one. Actually, any of those would be nice. Pretty new here, which of those are on the cheaper end of the spectrum?

I took these pictures.

In my screen, BLF GTvn is brighter than MF04 quite obviously.

After 3 years, it is still the king of throw.
Can you share more pictures of it, maybe in its own thread, really can’t find detailed pictures of the light.

I did not take many pictures of Lemax. Also I used it very little and soon I sold it on eBay. It was amazing of course but really too much heavy and bulky for me. Moreover, you need a binocular to see what it lights at very long distances.

I can hardly tell a difference, those two are pretty close but I’d give the nod to the MF04 since the trees in the back are a little more visible and that sheep thing is a little more whitewashed, but nothing like that Lemax. It’s full sun

Do you have higher resolution pictures?

After looking at it closely using GIF, I think they are tie.

OK, tie then! But imagine how much extra $$$ people paid for a modded light just to get the same brightness as a Stock MF04?

If I remember right, Vinh was selling BLF GTvn with customization on XHP35 HI tint and tune for performance. But it is still above and around 1Mcd.
Current BLF GTvn he is selling is with CFT-90 or XHP70 led which have higher lumens output with 1Mcd and above.
From the picture of OP, it looks like it is the XHP35 HI variants because the hotspot is small.

Vinh sells several versions of the BLF GTvn and they also changed over time. Same for the TN42vn. Those I used in my test were the following:
TN42vn ➞ XHP35 HI 6500K 775Kcd 1760m Throw:
BLF-GTvn ➞ CFT-90 6500K 1.5Mcd, 2450m Throw

The Astrolux MF04 is a cheaper flashlight respect the BLF GT. Short body means short runtime and unbalanced weight, not a mirror-like reflector, lower overall quality and sturdiness, less attention to details and a very simple design, a quite different emitter, narrower spot and less spill. If the GT had not been designed by BLF (with several hundred presales) but by a common flashlight manufacturer, it would have had a much higher price.

Look at the video on Youtube: Astrolux MF04S VS the BLFGT! by AdventureSportFlashlights

Without the zoom, the illuminated part would have been too small, surrounded by a very dark peripheral area. However, I add the complete photos of the BLF GT and MF04 - which in the cropped images look the same - to show that the spill of the BLF GT is wider.

It is really strange to have similar size of hotspot although it has more spill.

Thanks… is your GTvn a CFT-90?