THROWER SHOWDOWN! NEBO Luxtreme vs. Nitecore P30i vs. Convoy L21A vs. L21B

Thank you for the beamshots, I also hate mosquitoes.

Nice video. I did not know NEBO was to compare with the others.

Dam those mosquitoes are bigger in Texas. :smiling_imp:
We have the same problem with taking our lights outside.
Thanks for the comparison Rusty Joe. :smiley:
I want to get the Convoy L21B with the SFT40 dedomed led.

That session should qualify as ‘hazardous duty’…thanks for your sacrifice. Great comparison. Looks like the L21B has a greater balance of throw and beam profile as opposed to the L21A. Both monsters in terms of single cell throwers. I also was impressed by that NEBO. I keep one of their 18650 size zoomie’s in the garage year round…can’t kill it.

So, which one(s) hold the highest output after stepdown? At 500Lm does the Nebo have a stepdown?
The skeeters are going nuts out here as well in West Texas after all the rain a few weeks ago.
Thanks for the beam shots,
All the Best,

Need bats…

Really diggin’ the laserbeam from the NEBO, though!

Bats Yeah! I’m a big bat supporter.

I’ve got a funny bat story.
Decades ago I was camping in New Mexico.
Sleeping on a cot outside of my old trusty Ford van.

I kept hearing this BONGWANG sound. Every time I was about to drift off.
I was alone and nobody was withing miles of me. I wondered what the heck was going on…
Ghosts? Chupacabra ?
I finally looked in the right direction at the right time.

I had a CB antenna that was a very thin vertical rod – thinner than a coat-hanger.
On top was a little ball about the size of a pea.

Bats were sonar-ing on the little ball on top and hitting it with their hind legs as they made a strafing run.
Hence the BONGWANG sound. I could hear them cussing me all night.

I was camped on a ridge above a cave system that held a goodly number of the little critters.
Liked hearing them chitter when waking up and heading out for the night.

All the Best,

I know bats serve a very important purpose but they are horribly ugly. They look like flying mice.

I had a ceebee in my old car, and had the 102” whip with spring (no doubt what you’re referring to), but also a 108” fiberglass whip. Damned thing made 1.00000:1 at ch19, barely cracked 1.05:1 on chs 1/40. Guy I bought it from thought his swr meter was broken. :laughing:

When windy, though, the fiberglass whip would make an eerie “ghost” noise. If you ever saw the old Star Tracks when they’d go down to some deserted planet and could hear that eerie “whooooOOOOooooo…” noise… exactly like that.

Gawd, I miss those days…

Would often find birds on it, hanging sideways. Go figger.

Make no mistake about it…the SFT40 Convoy had the longest brightest level sustainance of the big players. And NEBO doesn’t need to step down.

Really amazing how an SST-40 dedomed becomes an SFT40 and will give the OSRAM PM1 a run for its money. I like the slightly wider hotspot beam of the L21B and it seems to be a little more generous in spill. When you start going further in range, your naked eye isn’t going to pick out much—you’ll need binoculars and a tripod to steady them, in order to see the details.

Next time, douse your arms, legs, and neck with Cutter! Those mosquitos are relentless and quite large. A flock could probably take a pint from you. :confounded:

I say nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.